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  • Gefällt mir SEHR, vielen Dank!
    Very nice, thank you!
  • Bliss indeed! I was attempting to mimic a new tab home page experience from another browser where I had found a really cool background for. I located the original image, quickly used an image editor to match for 4k res, installed the extension, looking exactly how I wanted in less than 10min. Super easy, and yes, very customizable. I would highly recommend. Nice work!
  • Tabliss is aptly named. I have used other New Tab page extensions in Firefox and in another browser. Tabliss is the best of the lot. "Completely free, completely customisable." No permissions required. Bliss!
  • Super Add-On, ein Must-Have !!

    Sieht sehr gut aus !

    One of the best Add-ons which are available for Firefox
  • Excellent add-on, I use it on Firefox. Loving it. Awesome :)
  • Brilliant add on - super customisable.
  • Makes opening tabs to start browsing a lovely experience. Really nice extension. Works well and looks great!
  • First new extension I have install after YEARS... Lighten my mood so many times a day,, ie. every time I open a new tab
  • Works well, keeps my focused on work! The customization options are awesome, especially the color gradients and font options.
  • Красиво, сексуально, практично, гениально и просто хорошее расширение :)