898 notes
  • Looks super cool. The todo list widget is really handy.
  • i love it
  • Bonsoir ,
    c'est superbe 😉 . Il y a longtemps que je recherchais cela . Mise en oeuvre simple . Merci .
  • vraiment parfait !
  • Fantastic look and well functional, with a repository of gorgeous photos, exactly what I wanted.
  • Simple and great.
  • Awesome and customizable. I think I might use this addon most for the Todos widget. When I click the circle with the intention of selecting many Todos, allow for a click-hold-drag to select feature so I don't have to click each individual Todo in my list for deletion. Allow the user to change the order of appearance for Todos. In the Greeting widget, allow the user to choose to insert Hello.
  • Hi there!
    Thank you so much that you offer such a gorgeous extension!
    However, I hope you may fix a problem in "Language", that there exists roughly two types of Chinese(中文), Simplified(简体) and Traditional(繁体). Chinese are accustomed to identify these two types by their names, but not cultural regions.
    Best wishes!
  • best in class
  • Great Extension. I think it lacks some things :
    1-shadow for text to avoid that become unreadable on white background
    2-Excluding tag for custom search : these tags don't select the images that I don't want to show : for example something like *space and all image tagged with space isn't shown anymore...
    3-Example and pattern for css.