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  • Great extension, that does what I want. Fast loading.
    Good replacement for ONotes, or current Firefox Notes.
  • Great work, really useful
  • Thanks
  • Ce que je peux ouvrir l'application dans le sidebar est TRES important pour moi. Tous les shorts cuts marchent très bien. La synchronisation est presque instantanée. MERCI.
  • Задоволений додатком. Ще якби можна було зменшувати скролом розмір вікна, було б чудово.
  • The sidebar looks identical to the Android app, which is great apart form the text is very large. The only option is to have a right vs left sidebar (which I'm glad it has) but it needs an option for text size and zoom etc as I can only see half of my notes unless I drag out the sidebar to use a large proportion of the screen
  • Of all the google Keep add-ons I've tried.. this is the one I like the most, but I don't use it because it loads much too slowly.. up to 30 secs waiting for the notes to display. While other extensions display almost instantly or within 2-3 secs.
  • I said wow when I installed this to Firefox, Because it doesn't need any restart of the browser and you can open it right way! And it syncs all your notes perfectly. what else to ask. Baris Derin is the Addons Wizard!! ;-)
  • This addon is really perfect. I can keep notes, and I can schedule a reminder note. Clicking on the Tools in Firefox toolbar is quick and easy too. Such a robust addon. I highly recommend it. WTG Baris Derin
  • Adds Google Keep to a sidebar. Very simple and awesome. All of the normal functionality of Google Keep in a much more convenient location to access it.
  • Лучше ничего не нашел
    Остальные дополнения открываются так, как мне не нравится.
  • Diseño impecable. Trabaja perfectamente!!
    Ideal para mantener y sincronizar tus notas.

    Impeccable design. It works perfectly !!
    Ideal to maintain and synchronize your notes.