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  • From some days ago I can only see the header of the page inside the window that opens when you click the button , unless I explicitly allow keep.google.com to the allowed cookie sites (if I open keep in its own tab or window it opens fine), but even if I allow the site to store all cookies the window then only shows me list mode and no tile mode. please fix. Thank You.
  • Good idea and works, but uses a ton of CPU just being open on my machine
  • works well, but the shortcut ctr+shift+Y is duplicated with download page.
  • Alwys shows the following popups: You signed out. Please reload the page to log in and continue your work.
    It does not work. This plugin is therefore useless.
  • Pratique et simple
  • Sometimes save sometimes does not save. I have to edit many times to confirm my modifications were saved.
  • doesn't work on firefox 60.0.2.
    also asks for all datas on all tabs and downloads. why?
  • good
  • Perfecto para tomar notas desde el navegador
  • I've been using Google Keep since it's inception and find it an invaluble tool. Just switching from Chrome to Firefox, it was a pleasant surprise to find I could still use Keep in my browser with this add-on. For me, it is one of the rare one's I felt compelled to donate to. Just love it! Thank you!
  • I like that I can have this on my sidebar but it needs a lot of space. I know Google Keep itself doesn't offer much customization, but is it possible to tweak the add-on with lesser margin/padding and give us the option to choose, say, between default and compact interface, and to change font size?
  • 功能少
  • after installing, i was taken to the welcome page, which contained more huge ads than actual welcome info.
    i suddenly felt uneasy about the idea of having my google credentials anywhere near this unofficial app.
  • Just shortcut to Google Notes Web w/own mini-window. A lot of needless functions, but there is no simple Web page saving to G.Notes "by default"
  • Window mode isn't scrollable.
  • Time by time an AD tab is opened consuming a lot of memory degrading the computer perfomance.
  • Only con is Advertising window.