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  • Simple and effective screenshot tool.
  • After 50 searches you have to pay. How funny!
  • I like the way it finds images
  • Works perfectly, almost always finds the image.
  • This is amazing. It works fast with very few problems. I always wanted something like this for private use.
  • This is the only image search that actually works!!!
  • There is a new sheriff in town: https://addons.mozilla.org/sl/firefox/addon/search_by_image/.
  • Helpful info.. (I've been here before because of nonworking TFSC) and my old eyes need help, like a lot of peeps showing up here :)
    First, I only use PC Waterfox 64bit 54ver. and I use Thunderbird 32bit 52ver. I have ALL my addon's turned off and not to update including WF and TB. I realize now, That Firefox and Thunderbird will never add some helpful font adjustments for our bad eyes :(
    If you read through the reviews. You'll see some info reviews on how to download and install a non expiring version of TFSC on earlier version of FF, Waterfox, TB. I only wanted to help people because I feel their pain on not being able to see and need help and remember to turn off all updates that includes FF, TB, WF. . I still want to give props to the Author of TFSC. Thx you!
  • TinEye has pretty much always been junk. Google, Yandex, and Bing are a million times better. Tin can't find the picture lying on the floor in front of it.
  • Used to work but now finds ZERO results. I even tested images that I've uploaded to several sites and it did not find a single one of them. So decided to try Google search. It doesn't work either! What is going on with these reverse image search engines?
  • Good.
  • This extension is just useless. I've got "0 results" for any image I tested.
  • Pensé que usaba el motor de búsqueda de Google, pero al parecer usa el suyo propio. Eso está bien, pero no es lo que yo quiero.
  • Well, where is the development of this extension? Will he update it or not? Without this extension it is very inconvenient in a new browser
  • :D