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  • The Pinterest button doesn't work on firefox when I try to post from Etsy and Artfire. The same thing happens when using their buttons off of their sites. After filling in the description, I get an Oops, could not save this page, error. Very frustrating. This has been this way for quite some time.
    IDK how to respond to the developer other than edit my review here. Are you on a mac? I'm on 10.12.6 and cannot update due to perifs. I just tried it again and it did not work, got the Oops again: https://www.etsy.com/listing/701215899/euruopean-robin-painting-bird-lovers?ref=shop_home_active_2&frs=1
    Update: Editing your review works fine, thanks. Yes, I'm on a Mac. What version of Firefox and our extension are you running, please? (I was able to save your Etsy listing just now.) Are you switching Pinterest accounts, by any chance? If so, please try restarting Firefox.

    If you are getting the same error from the Pinterest back end when you try to save using Artfire's button, it's not a problem we can fix with the browser extension. Can you please give me an URL or two to test? I was just able to successfully save from here: https://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/14691496
  • A good extension, does not work on all sites, but this is not very important for me, for me the main thing is ease of use.
    Can you please tell us which sites aren't working? Thanks!
  • It doesn't do anything when I click on it.
    When you say "it," do you mean the browser button? Can you say which page you're on when you try it?
  • well done & good job
  • Not working at all on Etsy. I'm using Firefox 66.02 (64 bit) and just added the Pinterest button today - version 4.0.77. This is very frustrating since Etsy has removed the social media links (a seller can post their own from internal link) for the public to pin products.
    I'm able to save from Etsy's front page, individual seller pages, and product pages. May I please have an URL or two to try out? Also, are you using the browser button or a context menu or hovering Save button?
  • Has been a great extension, but the latest update has broken it. I have version 4.0.76. Now, when I click on the button, it does not recognise my login at all and shows none of my boards. It gives me the option to create one but the "create" button is greyed out. When I go to the pinterest homepage I am logged in, so I can't find a way to fix the issue. Renders the button totally unusable.
    Three stars just because up until now it has been great.
    Thanks for confirming your version with your report! Are you by any chance using account switching on Pinterest?

    Other questions: which button are you clicking, the hovering Save button or the browser button in the toolbar? If it's the Save button, are you seeing a pop-up window with the Pin create form in it, or is the Pin create form showing in an overlay on top of the page?
  • Not working with Firefox version 66.0.1 (64 bit)
    Would you please try again with v4.0.76?
  • Pinterest button is not working on Instagram. I'm on the page where the image is, I click the Pin button, the entire page goes dark, like it is covered with a dark transparent film and I cannot choose any image to save. I have used the Pin button on Instagram for years and it has worked fine. It still works on Chrome but not Firefox. This just began a few days ago, after the Firefox update. The Pin button is 4.0.75. Firefox is 66.0.1. Please correct this! ( I did remove the Pin button and then install again.)

    UPDATE: Still not working. Today trying it on http://www.whiterockgallery.com/phil-buytendorp/ No Joy. Unless I use Chrome!

    UPDATE 4/3/19: YOU DID IT! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am pinning from Instagram and other sites today, using Firefox! I appreciate your work and perseverance!
    Edited again: that's great, thanks! Any chance we can get more than one star on your review?

    We can reproduce this, both on and off Instagram. It seems to be associated with Firefox 66.

    Edited: fix is up, please look for 4.0.76. Thanks again for the detailed report!

    Working on a fix now but it's going to be a couple of days at least. We have had some luck reloading the page or pressing Esc to close the overlay and pressing the browser button or hovering Save button again, but it's inconsistent.

    Thanks so much for the detailed report!
  • Not working with Firefox. Not sure if due to recent updates or what. Was working before today.
    Edited: fix is up, please look for v4.0.76.

    Can you please say more about what's happening? What version of the extension, please, and what version of Firefox? v66 of Firefox just dropped.
  • Currently with Firefox 66.0 (64-bit) browser button update confirmation page keeps loading at browser startup. This only happens though if the browsers cache is cleared. Still though while even the browser button add-on is the most up to date version (4.0.75) the confirmation page still loads: https://about.pinterest.com/en/browser-button-confirmation-page?xuid=Ricd7jdYpDt1&xv=ff4.0.75

    Nevertheless though it is still a great extension to bring content into Pinterest from other sites. Sadly though there seems to be a growing number of websites that are rich with content that are blocking users from pining content. So when a user sees the Pinterest button greyed out this may very well be the case of the website blocking the save button extension and not necessarily an issue with the save button itself. Have noticed various Flickr accounts whereby their licensing settings on their content does not allow images to be pinned (button greyed out), though interestingly these Flickr accounts were discovered by following content on Pinterest to the source link on Flickr. Hope this dosn't create issues for Pinterest in the future...

    Edit: Using multiple different cleaning utilities to clear cache and other locations that are not cleared by Firefox's default operations. Currently using CCleaner Pro and Wise Disk Cleaner. In Ccleaner (v5.55.7108) the following settings are checked in regards to Firefox cleaning: Internet Cache, Internet History, Cookies, Download History, Last Download Location, Session, Site Preferences, Saved Form Information and Compact Databases. Unchecked is Saved Passwords. No other additional settings in regards to Firefox are set.

    In Wise Disk Cleaner (v10.1.4.760) the following settings are checked in regards to Firefox cleaning: Under files section, Web Browser Cache - Mozilla Firefox Cache is checked.

    Under Traces Section, Web Browser Trace - Mozilla Firefox Other Histories is checked. Between the two programs both handle session store data differently as of now and require both programs to remove session data completely. I might start by creating a new Firefox profile folder and see if this dosen't correct the issue, perhaps there is a mismatch in version data stored in a database file. That may very well be the case since seemingly even though the extension is up to date the confirmation page still loads as if the extension was just updated.
    Thanks, very glad to hear it's useful! I can't reproduce what you're seeing, however; can you please say more about how you are clearing cache? I've updated Firefox to v66, tried clearing cache manually and setting it to clear automatically on exit, and can't get the install confirmation page to show up.

    Edited again: fix should be in with 4.0.77. Please have a look?

    Edited again: sorry, had to bump this back one version for the 4.0.76 bug fix.

    Edit: got it. We need to be smarter about recognizing new installs. We'll have this fixed by our next update; very sorry for the trouble!