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  • does not work it does absolutely nothing
    tried to save this recipe: https://centralmarket.com/recipes/chocolate-dipped-pineapple-with-coconut-macadamia-nuts/
    Edited: fix is up, please look for v4.0.76.

    I've just tested that page with our extension and it works for me. Would you please confirm that you are running the Pinterest Save Button extension published by Pinterest, Inc? The version should be 4.0.75 and not something starting with a 2. There is another extension with the exact same name that comes up higher in search results, and it does nothing when I try to save from centralmarket.com.
  • 18/09/2019
    same problem again

    ok 25/05/19 well new probleme then i clic on the button it open a popup create a new array ( before i go straight to my tableau choice) or choose an array but i doesn t see my array!!!!!!!!!!
    so it doesn't work

    it used to work fine but since last update of firefox does'nt work all the time
    it grey the tab only

    7 september 2019 the problem reappeards
    allright i have solve the probleme: you get to autorize popup and then it works fine
    hey i have speak to fast still the problem
    ok now 29/03/2019 it works fine
    Can you please say more about this? I'm not sure what grey the tab only means, sorry!

    Edited: fix is up, please look for v4.0.76.

    Edited: I'm pretty sure this is about the bug on 4.0.75 where the Save form wasn't rendering. Fix is coming!
  • Doesn't do anything when I click the icon.

    Edit: Was trying to save this page https://www.bowerpowerblog.com/guest-bath-niche-and-waterproofing
    What page are you trying to save, please? Also, please confirm you are using version 4.0.75 or greater?

    Edit: I'm able to click the browser button, see the grid of images, and successfully make pins. Would you mind trying again?
  • The add-on installed, but when I tried to click it to save something to a Pin board, nothing happens.

    EDIT: The page was https://twentytwowords.com/these-teens-revealed-how-they-actually-want-to-be-parented-and-our-eyes-have-been-seriously-opened/?utm_content=buffera5c1c&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=bpm&fbclid=IwAR0Mcv_DV7K-0oYSyuh34Ai1g_-JxZqlKCqgEwnR73m_qfaej-nbkLyhZKQ
    That's not good. Can you please share what page you were trying to save? Also, can you please share the extension version number? Should be at least 4.0.75.

    EDIT: This page works for me but only when I wait for it to load completely. Even then it takes a really long time between when I click the icon and the grid of images that can be saved to Pinterest comes up. When I look at it with a Web inspector I see that there are quite a few network requests and warnings in the console, which can interfere with the extension logic.

    I know this isn't a great answer, but in cases like these it's usually best to use the hovering Save button. Sorry about that; if this is your page I will be happy to chat more about what may be going on.
  • Немного проще сделайте с окнами, нажал - добавил - забыл, с автоматическим закрытием окна. Также возможность сохранять всю страницу в тематической папке необходима, чтобы не отмечать каждую иллюстрацию по отдельности.
    Great feedback, thanks!
  • excelente
  • Two buttons on each picture you look at is one too many - too distracting. Lets go back to the single pinterest button