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  • Recently the description box no longer appears when I save a pin. I can't add or alter the title and/or description when making the new pin. This appears to have happened to the Chrome extension as well.

    When looking at the screenshots in the add-on's listing, it seems Pinterest has gone out of their way to hide the missing text box (by cropping it out if the bottom of the image), so I'm thinking this was removed by the developer.

    Any chance we can get this back? It's a huge part of the functionality of this add-on!
    We've just put the user note field back with version 4.0.92.
  • This does not allow me to add text to a pin. I have tried clearing my cache, and it works for one pin and then it stops functioning again. Very frustrating.
    We've just put the user note field back with version 4.0.92.
  • I used to love this extension, now it doesn't see my boards when I try to use it. It also asks to make make a new board. Not sure how Pinterest broke this. :(

    EDIT: I have the latest release of the button and my Firefox version is 68.0.1 (64-bit). I noticed this problem since the beginning of September.

    EDIT - Sept 26: Yes still having the same issue with the new version.
    That sounds like we can't tell you're signed in. What version of the browser extension and Firefox are you using, please, and when did you first notice this problem?

    EDIT: are you still seeing this problem with v4.0.89?
  • Can't create or select boards when saving a picture on Firefox Nightly.

    EDIT 09-27: I have updated to v4.0.89, but it still doesn't work.
    Please try v4.0.89? We are working through the implications of sameSite security right now; is it possible your installation requires sameSite to be set before it will return cookies?
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  • Does not download!
  • This button used to work well, but it stopped working correctly. It's useless now.
  • Good idea
  • I also experienced the bug with nothing happening after clicking the button in toolbar (and no button appearing on images at all), turns out it was caused by FF content blocking (I also use container tabs for almost every tab and they cause no issue at all)
    The solution is to just turn the content blocking off for sites you wish to use Pinterest Save Button on, how to do that is here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/content-blocking#w_turn-content-blocking-off-on-individual-sites, or turning the content blocking off completely, like described here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/content-blocking#w_how-to-block-more-or-fewer-trackers
    Can you please say more about how you fixed the problem? Thanks!
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