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  • Стала жахлива. Зберігає посилання на фото, а не на сторінку, після зберігання піну зникає опис. Під час редагування нема рядку адреси веб-сайту. Неможливо користуватися.
  • I used to love this - especially the hover button. But half the time I can't edit or add a description and now it's doing a thing where it doesn't use the url for my blog post - the pin will open the photo by itself on a page. I don't know how I'm supposed to use Pinterest to share my blog posts if the pins won't direct users to my blog. I also cannot edit the url of the pins like I used to be able to. There is no option to change it.
  • I can't get the Pin button on my Firefox!!! Very frustrated!!!
  • Merkt sich zwar die Bilder aber ohne Text dazu, man kann auch keinerlei Text eingeben. Das macht so gar keinen Sinn!
    Bitte versuchen Sie die neueste Version, 4.0.92. Entschuldigung für die Probleme!
  • Used to work fine until around a month ago. My boards don't show anymore and it also asks to make a new board which when I try to, it just says there was an error. Still happens after clearing cache and cookies. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling both the add-on and firefox. Happens in private windows as well. Happens on both windows and macOS. I'm using firefox 70.0 and add-on 4.0.91. I'll change the rating once it's fixed!
  • Очень хорошее расширение, нормально работало. После добавления Mozilla обновления и добавок к обновлению, pinterest расширения перестало работать, может это быть связано с обновлением или не привязанной ОС к моему ПК.
  • When saving a pin using this add-on, i can't anymore write a description. Now i have to save the pin first to my board and then go to pinterest.com and click on the board, the correct picture and the pencil-icon and then i can write on it. This problem has been going on for ages and Pinterest's help only responds in the same tiring, copy-paste response that clear your cache, shut down all my add-ons, change browser etc. Tried that like a "million times", but it doesn't help because the problem is not on my computer/browsers. It Pinterest's problem to solve, but nothing hasn't changed in months. And now when Firefox doesn't allow to use old versions of add-ons, i can't go back to one the working one version. There's also constantly similar types of problems on a regularly basis either with Pinterest.com or this add-on.
    We've just put the user note field back with version 4.0.92.
  • Incredibly wonky applet, kept changing behaviors all the time... and just stopped working today, on all platforms and machines.
  • Haven't tried it yet
  • Es muy buena esta paguina