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  • Worked perfectly for a week, then stopped working a couple days ago. (Firefox mobile on Android)
  • Your extension works pretty good but i got a problem. As a user of Media Keys extension. It collides with it. In a way that it pauses the video when i use a play/pause command. How would you differenciate between a play/pause order from me than one from Youtube?
    This is like the last thing that bothers me to use streaming all time.
  • Excellent tool against the most annoying completely useless and healthy-head unimaginable "service" from nasty ignorant YouTube ball-heads! ( still can't even imagine what the shit they've been meaning with this "care"??? Click_baiting? on their own?)
    Unfortunately sometimes your extension stops working on YT playlists playing in background tabs.
    Anyway, THANK YOU very much for your work - you save my nerves health!
  • Thank you! Such a stupid feature. Great to have a fix.
  • Sadly, this add-on is outright non-functional for me, and even goes as far as to do the exact opposite of what it's supposed to do. Yes, with this extension installed, EVERY video stops autoplay.

    Thanks for nothing.
    Sorry to hear you are having problems with my extension, but what you are describing is simply impossible to happen with the code in my extension. The reason of your problems lies elsewhere.
  • I dont know why YouTube had to apply this policy to even a PC user but anyway it is purely retarded. Big Thanks for this extension for saving us!
  • It does start the video a split second after the video is stopped by the auto pause.
    I would recommend, if possible, having it work on the first pop-up that states "video will pause soon", rather than the second pop-up that actually stops the video. If that were possible the annoying split second pause would be eliminated, rendering the add-on flawless and garnering a pay-pay donation from me.
    But this is definitely the best option I've found.
  • Y'know YouTube I put on a long playlist so I WOULDN'T have to click around at the end of videos. I don't need you pausing my videos.

    Thank you for this extension, it's one of the most useful ones out there.
  • Works well - thanks! Can finally listen to music again
  • it is nice that youtube plays nicely again, but i have a suggestion:
    it seems youtube added that stopper function to confirm activity, so wouldn't it be easier to simply let your script click a random empty space on youtube every 5min or so, to pretend activity and stop it from appearing completly?

    --another suggestion: can you make it click the 'are you still there?'(not actual text) message that appears before the stopper?
    Hi, no unfortunately it doesn't work like that. YouTube still recognizes that the click wasn't legit. That's also the reason why the popup still appears in every video after it appeared once, even though the add-on resumes the play.

    --this doesn't work either, for the same reason as above. YouTube knows the click wasn't legit and so it doesn't actually stop the popup.
  • Please follow the good development practices, be transparent and I'll use your excellent module again. Thanks!
    Hi, I'm not sure what you mean. I have my addon's source code on github, fully open. I don't think it gets more transparent than that.