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  • Compatibility with Media Keys add-on would be super! Now it will automatically unpause the video when I pause it externally.
  • Its working like a charm. We need these kind of devs. Thank you very much. I hope you will receive 983753948750239898742398 karma points
  • Im3 selalu online
  • great app, works fine, fk these constant confirmations, you did gods work sir
  • Love it
  • It was wonderful for about 4 days! Then YouTube "got wise" and blobbed up the videos after an hour with a messed-up "tiling" effect (and of course the video stalled after that! I'm back to square one!) This strange phenomena started 2 days ago - at first I thought I was dealing with bad videos and deleted them, until I noticed it happened every hour! Why does YouTube act so ugly? Hopefully, you can make some kind of a fix for this miserable complication!
  • Thank you so much, just for the referencing cos this addon will save people live: "Video paused. Continue watching? "Are you still here ? Video Paused Soon" Youtube, fuck.
  • Works! Fraction of a second pause and processing time for the add-on to detect the popup and confirm it automatically, but it did so and all that happened was my music 'missed a beat.'
    I haven't had any full pauses since installing the add-on, and just witnessed it at work on a track transition, so I'm pretty happy.
    Yeah that's how it works, unfortunately the event has to happen in order to undo it. I haven't figured out how to stop it at its roots yet. :)
  • works as promised! thank you!
    Glad to help :)
  • Works, even if you have a script blocker installed. I have NoScript disabled on youtube to run JavaScript, so there were no issues with the NonStop addon.

    For testing I had a large playlist with music albums running in background while I was playing a game. When the message from youtube popped up, there was a short stop in the music, but then it continued immediately.
    When I tabbed into Firefox I saw on the youtube video tab a message in the bottom left corner which said "Thank you for confirming".
    Proof enough for me that this addon works.
    So, big thanks to the developer for sharing this useful addon with the world. :)
    Thank you, glad to hear it! :)