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  • Compatibility with Media Keys add-on would be super! Now it will automatically unpause the video when I pause it externally.
  • Its working like a charm. We need these kind of devs. Thank you very much. I hope you will receive 983753948750239898742398 karma points
  • Im3 selalu online
  • great app, works fine, fk these constant confirmations, you did gods work sir
  • Love it
  • It was wonderful for about 4 days! Then YouTube "got wise" and blobbed up the videos after an hour with a messed-up "tiling" effect (and of course the video stalled after that! I'm back to square one!) This strange phenomena started 2 days ago - at first I thought I was dealing with bad videos and deleted them, until I noticed it happened every hour! Why does YouTube act so ugly? Hopefully, you can make some kind of a fix for this miserable complication!
  • Thank you so much, just for the referencing cos this addon will save people live: "Video paused. Continue watching? "Are you still here ? Video Paused Soon" Youtube, fuck.