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  • WORKS 8 SEPT 2018
  • Works. The other one I tried didn't. Thanks.
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  • 1) Open video in a new tab without going to it directly = > Firefox pauses the video
    2) Go to the tab, video start to play automatically.
    3) The addon kicks in after some (5 to 6) seconds and pauses the video.
    4) You are forced to play the video from the start!

    Is it just me?
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  • This extension broke my youtube, it doesn't work in firefox 60.0.2, it didn't work when installed and it didn't fix my youtube when removed, AVOID
  • That good !!!
  • pratique, rapide et belle présentation!
  • make,s you tube plays faster, is very good.
  • Doesn't solve the problem of video buffering for 5-10 secs even with the "media.autoplay.enabled" turned to false in "about:config"
  • please fix it for the new layout.
  • This add-on is broken with the new layout but works fine with the old layout.

    So the workaround is to add another add-on, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/youtube-design-preserver/ with which we can change the default youtube layout & now everything works fine.
  • Finally found an add-on that can disable auto-play in playlists. Just go to preferences from the add-on page and select 'Stop auto-buffering the player on play-list mode'

    To prevent it from playing a few seconds of video, you can go to about:config and set "media.autoplay.enabled" to false. This prevents unwatched videos from showing up in your watch history. However, it technically still buffers for a couple seconds before refreshing. This firefox setting does not prevent auto-play in playlists, which is why I downloaded this plugin.
  • It works, but it hides the comments section.
  • For those who wants to disable autoplay on Firefox. Go to about:config and sett media.autoplay.enabled to false.
  • This add-on doesn't have the functionality needed. I was looking for an add-on that even after playing the video doesn't buffer more than 5 - 10 secs at most. Sometimes I might wanna watch a i.e 60 mins video and start it but I get busy with other stuff till I close the browser for whatever reason where I watched only 3 mins. But the video fully buffered So I've wasted 57 mins video equivalent GBs from my internet bundle.