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  • FlashStopper alternative that works in FF Quantum.
  • This is a very good extension. I used to use (still do use it) "Disable html5 autoplay" but it wouldn't work perfectly on youtube, only on channel pages and whatnot. This extension stops autoplay on youtube completely.

    However sometimes with the little testing I did there was a one second delay before it stops the video. Take a random video on youtube, refresh it a couple of times, you will see the video attempts to play but this add-on stops it. It isn't totally perfect, which is why I'll give it 4 stars. However it's much better than the other aforementioned add-on, that one works on some videos only. It's better suited for other websites, such as the annoying websites when you try to read an article a video starts playing!

    This one's the best for youtube. Now I don't have any data cap problems (I'm on cable), but I still don't like autoplay videos! Let me choose when to start my videos! I will keep using this add-on.

    Edit: What am I talking about, it's worth five stars. It's really a non-issue. You don't notice it when you don't refresh.
  • It does stop Youtube videos from auto-loading and playing when I open them in a new Tab.

    I noticed that when i open, for e.g., a CNN news page (that has an embedded video in a new Tab) - but without actually going to that Tab - the video will not auto-load or play. But the moment I click on the Tab to view the news, the video automatically starts loading and playing.

    It would be nice if the add-on can stop this auto-loading and playing until the play button is physically clicked (this will help the lot of us who are on a limited monthly data subscription).

    Currently running Firefox 57.0 64Bit (updated Nov 17 2017).

    Thanks very much for a great add-on.
  • The best addon for this purpose that I found and it was working properly until I upgraded to Firefox 66.0.3 - now it's disabled.
  • Thank you ! it works well in firefox lower version. and the others xpi have a little problem more or less
  • Работает
  • Unlike some other extensions, this one does work with YouTube
  • Good expansion!
  • Nice work
  • Good
  • Not working!
  • currently, this one work well on Youtube
  • cause comment not loaded. i need to play the video to make the comment appears
  • Stopped working in the last few days.
  • Not working for embedded youtube videos!
  • Nice
  • FF 54 : Les vidéos ne se *lancent* pas automatiquement, et ne se *chargent* pas automatiquement. Et puis les réglages permettent de stopper/lancer la vidéo automatiquement aux changements d'onglet actif.

    Thank you M Fray!
  • Good
  • Not working in embedded YouTube in twitter ps fix video auto playing fix it ff version 54.0