87 reviews
  • Good expansion!
  • Nice work
  • Good
  • Not working!
  • currently, this one work well on Youtube
  • cause comment not loaded. i need to play the video to make the comment appears
  • Stopped working in the last few days.
  • Not working for embedded youtube videos!
  • Nice
  • FF 54 : Les vidéos ne se *lancent* pas automatiquement, et ne se *chargent* pas automatiquement. Et puis les réglages permettent de stopper/lancer la vidéo automatiquement aux changements d'onglet actif.

    Thank you M Fray!
  • Good
  • Not working in embedded YouTube in twitter ps fix video auto playing fix it ff version 54.0
  • Works as expected and intended, other stop autoplay and buffer extensions seem to be failing as of late. Lightweight and easy to use, set to needed settings by default as well.