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  • Great idea behind this add-on.
    But here's the problem - it doesn't work on a live streams, like, 24/7 radio.
    When i try to enable this add-on on a stream there is no video and no sound at all.
    I don't know if this is a issue on my side or internal problem of the add-on
  • Ca défonce !
  • Thanks dude for creating this gem. Keep up good work.
  • Vixeolar engelleniyor perfect. Data kullanımını düşürüyor. Herkese tavsiye ederim. Yapan arkadaşların elleri dert görmesin. Teşekkürler
  • Works great..
  • I suggest to notice this addon is not for Android. This help to avoid wasting time to try on Android.
    Thank you.
  • as said, only downloads audio stream... thanks
  • Can you make it work for android?
  • I gave 3/5... will you make it work on Android? I tested it on Lollipop 5.0 It doesn't show that watermark like in PC. I tried also "desktop mode" for mobile devices and still the same.
  • Actually it works. Don't know about net traffic, but I needed it for a very old eeePC which would go crazy hot. Now it is just fine.
  • Checked the source code, it actually downloads only the audio stream. The video stream is removed ( not downloaded at all ) from every stream that is played when then extension is activated. Confirmed from the network pane.

    Loved that I can turn it back on while watching a trailer or news. With the extension turned on my laptop lasts significantly longer. The data consumed by youtube has also decreased a lot.

    What would have really helped was if it could cache / store most frequently watched youtube videos. That would have really reduced data consumption.

    Very useful to people with data caps / FUP. Do hope it updated when youtube next changes their site. Keep up the good work.