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  • Great add-on, it brings solution to a need I've been having for a long time. Unfortunately, it keeps malfunctioning every third video : while it is clearly playing, the audio will just not work, everything goes mute.

    I will most certainly give the fifth star if it happens to be a casual bug easily fixable.

    Keep up the good work !
  • Does exactly what it promises!
  • Shouldn't request permission to read data on ALL the websites, since it works only for Youtube. There are other extensions who do that. Uninstalled immediately.
  • Does what it claims to perfectly right out of the box. Developer maintains the project (which is open source!) and is receptive to collaboration. The permissions could be more restrictive, sure, but it's not as simple a change as you'd believe, having read the code and tried to change them myself. That doesn't affect the functionality of the plugin, however, and it does exactly what is promised, without hiding how it does it from the user (since you can read the source).

    If the permissions bother anyone enough, I'm sure Animesh would love to see a pull request that'll restrict them without breaking the plugin (:
  • Simple, one-click addon. No fuss, just works. This and the YouTube Enhancer are the goto plugins for YouTube! Thanks Animesh for this Addon. :-)
  • simple and useful.
  • Works well, and is compatible with "Enhancer for YT"
  • Would like to see the message removed, like in the Youtube Audio_only fork
    Submitted a version for the same
  • Muy bueno