109 reviews
  • Great extension i realy enjoy.
  • Works great as promised so far :) !
  • Dobry dodatek do YouTube .
  • Funciona, por lo menos en el uso de CPU que era bastante alto y levantaba teperatura RECOMENDADO.
  • Very nice
  • Would like for this extension to only apply to my music playlists. A blacklist, maybe, which you fill yourself with stuff you don't want video on?
  • This plugin, is fake, as it does not limit the data usage or even stop the downloading of Youtube videos.

    The video parts are still downloading in the background, just the overlay image, is shown on top of the video, hiding the video content.
  • I have not tried this extension yet, but if it does as advertised I will be happy to be able to download only audio, video to be used in PowerPoint. The savings in video memory could be further realized by just screenshot in the video and placing it into a PowerPoint slide. Kudos to the developer!
  • Great add-on, it brings solution to a need I've been having for a long time. Unfortunately, it keeps malfunctioning every third video : while it is clearly playing, the audio will just not work, everything goes mute.

    I will most certainly give the fifth star if it happens to be a casual bug easily fixable.

    Keep up the good work !