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  • Works as described. Perfect. Not sure why it needs to access all sites(embedded videos?).
  • WINDOWS: great for listening but not watching.. great !
    ANDROID not working at all .. #animesh_kundu can you make it work?

    great add on
  • super
  • Perfect! Exactly what i was looking for!
  • I changed my mind about downloading this add-on after it asked for permission to read the data of ALL the websites I visit. This sounds suspicious as this add-on is for use on YouTube.com only.
  • I like it.
    Save data and listen to audio only
  • Very good idea, I always thought it was possible because of the channel separation between audio and video
  • this actually works.

    I tested it with a 6 min video on 360p. Sound only: 6.41 MB, with Video: 17.85 MB.
  • I visit relatives who only have internet access through Hughes Direct TV. If I play YouTube videos, I eat up their data allowance. Normally, I'm not interested in the video content and just listen to audio while performing other tasks. This app is perfect for listening to lectures, music etc.
  • data usage does not differ , it uses a lot of data usage ! do no use.
  • Does exactly what it advertises!
  • Great when just the audio matters
  • Great idea behind this add-on.
    But here's the problem - it doesn't work on a live streams, like, 24/7 radio.
    When i try to enable this add-on on a stream there is no video and no sound at all.
    I don't know if this is a issue on my side or internal problem of the add-on
  • Ca défonce !
  • Thanks dude for creating this gem. Keep up good work.
  • Vixeolar engelleniyor perfect. Data kullanımını düşürüyor. Herkese tavsiye ederim. Yapan arkadaşların elleri dert görmesin. Teşekkürler
  • Works great..