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  • Good
  • Simply works and does what it should, grateful for the addon, thanks!
  • Great add-on, works like a charm! No issues for me so far, even on the developer build.
  • Ok its good app
  • It does not allow backup and changing the time damages the automated system and does not allow the automatic change to work despite returning to the default values. The rest works acceptably well, it reminds me of Google Chrome on Android, but a lot better.
  • Nice job! One of my favorite things about Vivaldi is the theme, so it's nice to have the same effect in Firefox. It works better than expected. I love that you can choose a day/night theme and customize the start/stop times -- perfect for a night owl like me who is up all night and doesn't have a regular sleep schedule. It's nice to be able to customize the themes further but for me, they're perfect as is. I love that the colors of the tab and menu bar can change based on the favicon. Thanks for your hard work!
  • Чудово працює!
  • This is so fucking good
  • On youtube, it almost always does not change the color to black when you open a video (it stays white), only when you reload it changes the color as it should.
    The color changes correctly when you apply the settings, but when you go back, you open another video, etc. (I keep referring to youtube), it no longer changes the color correctly
  • it would be better if it can remove the tiny line between the address bar and the web page content.
  • Brilliant, completely got rid all that terrible white and insipid grey theme nonsense.Thank you!!!!!!
  • No funciona con el tema oscuro de firefox
  • ¡Excelente!
  • I love it
  • i just notice that after firefox or addon last update it works only if the alternate color source is set on page header background , favicon and the rest of option dose not work, im sory for the 1 star rating but i will update my review as this problem will be fix