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  • Great

  • I like it.

  • Really good, made me love firefox more than I already did. Giving it 4 stars, bacause it sometimes doesn't work randomly and also you can't choose specific colors for given websites. For instance google is yellow...Why is it yellow all I can see is white. Also the color for a new tab is some kind of navy blue, which doesn't make too much sense.

  • Потрясающее дополнение! А третья версия, которая на данный момент в статусе бета находится на github, ещё лучше!

  • Very useful add-ons. Thank you, Tim !

  • Now, I can use meta-color in firefox.

  • awesome

  • cool extension

  • Works as intended, great extension!

  • This is great and takes the effort out of setting it up like envify. Like the customisability as well.

  • Many options for fine-tuning. It's great!

  • Works as promised !!!!!!!

  • Good add-on, allows me to abandon Vivaldi and focus on using Firefox solely for all purposes. But the color still isn't comparable to Vivaldi's ones. Might need some change on color finding algorithm.

  • Best firefox extension!

  • This is a fantastic little addon wich is very customiseable and garanteed to realy enhance you Firefox experience. highly recomended for anyone who, loves and misses this feature from Vivaldi, prefers simple colours over image background in their firefox theme or just wants to spice things up a little. Great addon!

  • Should be a default feature, baked right into Firefox. Makes the UI perfect. Great job!

  • Easy to use extension, makes Firefox look really nice, plenty of customisation options available

  • Cool Addon.
    Only issues is it doesn't work on reddit.

  • I love this great job ;)

  • This is a fantastic extension! It definitely makes Firefox look better, and customization is easy.

  • 装上这个幸福感爆棚!爱死Vivaldi!

  • Très bonne extension

  • The idea seems great, but maybe because of how FFQ implements theming now, there is a severe flashing when changing tabs, the whole interface flashes 2 times right in front of my face and its very irritating. Could not stand that. Also the colors are too bright because faveicons tend to be bright

    Developer response

    I'm sorry you had to experience that, I will try to do my best to improve the experience in the upcoming versions.

  • This add-on makes firefox much more beautiful simply by coloring the navbar.

  • I loved the look and feel of Vivaldi when I used it, but it didn't compare to the awesomeness of Firefox. I'm so glad this add-on exists so that Firefox can look super snazzy. It works smoothly, and I'm so glad it's compatible with quantum