288 reviews
  • My only wish is that it would work with Firefox's default Dark theme or have an option to mimic it. Especially in the Firefox Home tab.
  • Needs unnecessary permission (access for diverse websites) - deleted - reported as misuse
  • Vivaldi's colour changing theme was one of the features i missed. now this fills that gap!

    it is awesome!
  • Great!make firefox more beautiful and comfortable!thanks!
  • Love it, works great
  • Good
  • Simply works and does what it should, grateful for the addon, thanks!
  • Great add-on, works like a charm! No issues for me so far, even on the developer build.
  • Ok its good app
  • It does not allow backup and changing the time damages the automated system and does not allow the automatic change to work despite returning to the default values. The rest works acceptably well, it reminds me of Google Chrome on Android, but a lot better.