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  • ¡Excelente!
  • I love it
  • i just notice that after firefox or addon last update it works only if the alternate color source is set on page header background , favicon and the rest of option dose not work, im sory for the 1 star rating but i will update my review as this problem will be fix
  • Very nice looking and seems to run fine.
  • Used for several months. Excellent!

    Would be better if it is not be set so bright by default.

    Would be better if it can combine dark theme like Firefox's built-in one.
  • nice. i love it. please add more features
  • This addon is great., it replaced a similar addon that was not supported by firefox quantum and it is better in every way.
  • I love this, I get to see all my favorite colors and combinations. Not a very experienced manipulator of web pages but this add on is great fun..
  • Muy Buena app Me gustaria que los iconos no tengan ese marco blanco seria lo maximo n.n!!
  • Removed my custom title/toolbar theme without asking. Now I have to find and apply it again.
    Doesn't seem to do anything that other addons don't do better - tree tabs has great customisable higlighting of active, selected, hover, target and search results tabs - and more.
    Doesnt colour tree tabs tabs at all.
    I was looking for an addon that you could custom colour selected tabs (whether active or not) (without any other changes) like colorful tabs used to but doesnt anymore. This isn't it.
    Would be helpful if some devs gave more info about what their addons do and don't do.
  • Very nice
  • Does what Vivaldi does and does it better.
  • I love Vivaldi. So great thank you I ll donate as soon as I am able. Thanks again
  • Does what it says it does
  • I like dark themes, and I like the effort you're making Tim,
  • Way better than the original Vivaldi thing.
  • i love it
  • Still works great
  • this is simple and great one for your browser.
  • Fajny dodatek. Dopasowuje kolor paska adresu i paska zakładek do koloru strony. W porównaniu z przeglądarką Vivaldi to tak troche brakuje do tej przeglądarki ale i tak jest super.
  • Just what I've been looking for! Now firefox looks AND functions amazingly .No more blinding whites, insipid greys (supposed to be black) and pink (supposed to be red). Full 5 stars!!!
  • Missing more theme control like allow put a background image in frame
  • Love Vivaldi's customization but not it's speed. Now I have both. Thank you.
  • great new update :) thank you
  • great addon