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  • good

  • Why this extension need it's user's Password and Username ?

    Look for Permission section at review page and look for "Access your data for all websites" in this page (https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/permission-request-messages-firefox-extensions)

  • We need the Googlebot

  • 非常好用

  • Works well on desktop computers. Does NOT work on Android.

  • This doesn't work at all, there is no place to input user-agent. Addon is useless.

  • 不知道为什么,这个插件使浏览器屏蔽了 alimama.com

  • This is an awesome User Agent Switcher that have all necessary user agent strings; but, if it is in list view, it will be more better. ..Thanks!

  • Gets system information wrong, reveals true system on ipleak.net

  • Норм

  • Amazing app. Highly recommended.

  • ممتاز

  • Works great

  • works great and solved my problem in no time.
    How about the updates? Some website requires the last version of a specific browser, otherwise they complain and stop loading the page.

  • Great extension. For some unknown reasons, and with Firefox ESR 52, I could not read some websites videos, with messages telling me to update my browser... This addon is a perfect workaround. Thanks.

  • I like, it works but think this addon needs a very important update

  • Breaks YouTube and other sites
    Browsers are outdated
    Bug report on the website doesn't work

    Not recommended.

  • Exactly what I was looking for. It allows me to use Firefox as another browser for sites (and only for those sites) that require IE or Chrome.

  • nice

  • نههههه

  • Not working on Android.

  • Can't select Chrome for Android. The real Chrome for Android doesn't behave the same as your "Google Android 7", particularly for YouTube.

  • Horrible interface and half the agents don't work; there's also no way to add, update, or customize this at all.

  • The previous version was much better, you cannot alter the OS default list, and the addon do not permit that I change for example BSD as Solaris.

  • Not working in android