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  • This user-agent switcher saved me a lot of reboots. I am running a dual boot Windows 10 / Ubuntu environment. I needed to use a website that doesn't validate Ubuntu as a compatible OS. Now I can use that website just by switching the user-agent to Windows. Great work! Thank you for making this add-on.
  • Très pratique, fonctionne avec Instagram, Youtube, Amazon...
  • good gan...
  • It's fairly good, but it has some big issues:

    (1) It doesn't get regular updates to keep the user-agent string up-to-date with new browser versions.

    (2) If you modify the string of a combination of OS+browser, there is no way to reset it to the default, and the change will be retained even if uninstalling and reinstalling.
  • Does not work with Firefox 69. And I will not report a bug because repository is not on GitHub
  • It's not work on Firefox for Android
  • he很不错
  • it's interface is easy and friendly, but you have to update UA strings because many websites break and say that my browser is old and not supported, which makes the addon useless.