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  • Overrides the homepage and there is no configuration. Otherwise It's alright I guess
    Sorry about the new tab page; we change it so that we can inject our scripts into that page. You can change it with `set newtab [url]`.

    There are quite a few configuration options available; I count about 20 odd different things you can change. Just `:viewconfig` and then `:set key1.key2.key3 value`, e.g. `:set nmaps.\ fillcmdline open scholar`. `:help` and `:tutor` should give you a better of what's possible.

    Is any option in particular that you would like to change but cannot?
  • Very cool, I only miss more customization options.
    Hi, thanks!

    What kind of customisation are you missing?
  • One of the best vim'z since beginning! I tried a lot of addons in last years, but no one could reach this one. Big thanks.
  • I am a long-time pentadactyl user, and was forced to stick with ESR and other 'old' versions of firefox just to keep that addon. I eventually got fed up with doing that last month, so I tried every addon that adds vim-like bindings, only to find that they all suck compared to pentadactyl.

    However, I just tried this addon today and it's the closest thing to pentadactyl I've seen so far. I am definitely a fan, and I hope the developers of this addon keeps us pentadactyl users in mind :)

    Really amazing work, keep up the good job!
  • 1) the plugin sets your home page without asking you ― haven't seen this behaviour in a long time, and certainly not in opensource world;
    2) doesn't work on some sites (many of those, actually);
    3) no easy access to settings;
    4) no whitelist.

    for a plugin that is expected to _enhance_ my user experience that's a _fail_ in my book.
  • Thank you so much for you work. I want not use vimium, I like to have a good option. Sorry, my english is not good, congratulations.
  • Excellent and evolving in a good direction!
  • Fantastic addon, thanks for all the hard work!
  • This is the best replacement for vimperator on firefox quantum, thank you for this great extension.
    But I'm wondering how can I review all of my settings like editing vimperatorrc or vimrc?
    For instance, after several search keywords set with `searchsetkeyword`, I'd like to have access to a list of all these keywords, and also quickmarks.
    I don't know if this function is already included or not since I haven't find instructions in documents.
    Thank you again for tridactyl.
    Hi, we finally added this as of version 1.9: just type :viewconfig :)
  • Right now the best Vimperator successor for me. It provides minimal features like open, sarch, tabbing shortcutting etc.

    What it still lacks is:
    * great vim-like search
    * browsing
    But it's a work in progress so I've high expectations.

    What's unfortunate you can't use addons on mozzilla pages, so i.e. you will still need to ctrl+w to exit about:addons instead of your bind.
  • Still a bit rough around the edges but I'm looking forward to future progress.

    Thank you to the authors of this extension, your hard work is much appreciated!
  • This add-on is amazing! If you're depressed about Vimperator dying and have previously found comparable WebExtensions add-ons lacking, you have got to try it out. For me it's extra transformative because it means I can use the latest Firefox now!

    Thank you to the authors!
  • Looks promising, thanks for doing the work!
  • Thanks to the developers for their great work. After Vimperator stopped working using Firefox was quite uncomfortable, but this plugin does a good job filling the gaps and from update to update it's getting better. Keep it up!
  • This extension shows a lot of promise, and is currently the best webextension-based vim extension there is (of which I've used vimium, vim-vixen, and saka-key). I really like how easy it is rebind keys and use a "command mode" just like real vim. The developers of this extension update and improve things on a regular basis. There are some problems however:
    - inability to change or disable the ugly new-tab page
    - hint mode misses a few links on some websites
    - ability to disable the extension on some websites (ignore mode is only temporary)
    - ability to change the search engine when using the "open" command
    - vim-like searching using /, ?, and n/N
    - (probably an issue with webextensions) won't work on about: pages and addon pages
    Even with the above issues, this extension is still very good and stable. I wish the developers luck in working around the limitations of webextensions API.
    Thanks for your kind words and feedback!

    A couple of your issues have already been resolved at least partially:

    You can change the default search engine with `set searchengine [keyword]` and add new search keywords with `searchsetkeyword [keyword] [url]`.

    You can change the newtab page (at least, the one navigated to with `*open`) with `set newtab [url]`.

    This does expose another issue, though: our documentation isn't very good yet.
  • Looks promising, but can't figure out how to disable it for specific domains, so it's unusable for me at the moment.
    Hi, thanks for your feedback.

    You can press `I` to get into ignore mode and to leave it.

    We don't yet have any per domain settings, but we have just finished the user configuration back end that was blocking it, so it should come soon. Check back in a few days or a week!
  • It's cool and very convenient to use.