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  • It's not perfect, but it's damn good and getting better all the time. 5 stars for recreating so much of the Vimperator experience, for the thoughtful workarounds on the constraints imposed by the new Firefox APIs and for the continual improvement.
  • Wow, this is a huge productivity boost for me!
  • Would be useful to have macro ( q / @ )features.
    Firefox would be better if it allow to search at combo box with keyboard, and then tridactyl would be almost perfect

    But I love tridactyl as substitute to vimperator / pentadactyl. Great developers, fast response at chat.

    Thank you very much
  • pentadactyl is dead. long live tridactyl. (and remember that F3 is search-forward, not n)
  • It's not perfect but it's the closest thing to Vimperator is the brave new Quantum world and this alone is worth 5 starts. Thank you!
  • A must have for Vim lovers.
  • This is the best replacement for pentadactyl at the moment. I wish it supported a visual mode for highlighting and copying things...
    Hi, thanks for the review. We don't have a visual mode (yet) but there is a "copy paragraph" hint mode bound to ;p. Hope that helps.
  • Good addon. I'm mostly using link navigation through keyboard, not other "advanced" features.
  • Coming from pentadactyl, I am feeling very comfortable with this addon. Most keys are the same. Considering the technical hurdles, you have done a terrific job. This is really life changing - thank you so much !
  • Everything is good, except it overrides the about:newtab page
  • Thank you for your amazing work ! It's almost perfect, besides a little ugly in "Hint Mode"
  • Awesome addon. I found it by mistake, but I love Vim, and this does take a tiny bit of getting used to, BUT DEFINITELY WORTH IT.

    Many, many thanks from Texas! :)