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  • I was using one of the post WebExtension vim addons before I heard of this one. Very impressed!
    Best Firefox vim addon at the moment, keep up the great work developers!

    4 stars because this is just a work in progress, but has the most potential of any.

    I would really like to open links in container tabs, but this could be an API limitation.
    I'm actually reviewing a PR that supports container tabs right now: https://github.com/cmcaine/tridactyl/pull/499. It will take a short while before it reaches a stable release, though, as it requires yet more permissions. If you use a beta version of Tridactyl from https://tridactyl.cmcaine.co.uk/betas you'll get it quicker :)
  • Great addon! One thing that could be improved is the selection of keys for multi-key shortcuts which should ideally use keys that are next to each other.

    EDIT: Thanks for the quick reply! I guess I was a bit unclear with what I meant. I wasn't referring to the shortcuts for commands (I'm actually very happy with those) but the little hint tags that show up when pressing f/F. My suggestion here would be to prioritize simple combinations (double keys, nearby keys) based on a selected keyboard layout (e.g. qq, kk, qw, kl, ...) instead of just incrementally exhausting the 'hintchars' pool.
    We just use the same binds as Vimperator because the authors are lazy and don't want to have to relearn anything. If you have anything that you particularly dislike, feel free to file an issue: https://github.com/cmcaine/tridactyl/issues.

    You almost rebind anything you want, though, with `bind [key sequence] [command]`. If you just do `bind [key sequence]` you'll find out what that command that sequence is bound to, and `viewconfig nmaps` will show you all of the binds you have.
  • While it is much less feature-full than Vimperator, it works well, the keybindings are mostly intuitive, and I am excited by the fast pace of development.
  • This add-on saved me from leaving firefox due a lack of vimperator feel.

    At the current state of development, there is no missed feature since it already has everything I was used to. Thank you!!!
  • Great extension! One star less because it requires a lot of permissions.
    Are there any that you particularly dislike? Feel free to file an issue here: https://github.com/cmcaine/tridactyl/issues. All of the permissions we ask for are because we need them for features, as we try to explain in the add-on description.

    It would be nice if we could just ask for permission when the features are first used, but unfortunately most of the permissions we need are not supported by permission requests at runtime - https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/WebExtensions/Request_the_right_permissions#Request_permissions_at_runtime.
  • Wonderful extension! Works well and new cool features keep getting added.

    Too bad some features don't work (well) because of WebExtension limitations but things can only get better ;)
  • The extension is well-written and works pretty well! There are a few bugs, but nothing significant, and development is active and focused.

    I would appreciate a little more documentation on the various features though.

    Nonetheless, an essential addition to firefox!
  • Great alternative to vimperator since it's not supported in firefox.
    Great keybinds and the tutor is easy to follow.
  • This is awesome addon that takes place of pentadactyl/vimperator and such.
    It still under heavy development but it already useful and moves in a right direction.
    The road the developers take is to make it more like vimperator rather pentadactyl somewhy, given the name is closer to penta :) But nevertheless it awesome.
    Thanks guys!
  • It's amazing how much faster it is to work with only the keyboard. This plugin along with the dwm window manager and the vis text editor mean I rarely have to use my mouse for normal tasks. The native client was just released in beta and it unlocks even more possibilities. I can use an external for thoes times I need to write larger pieces of text or code in browser, filter urls through a shell script, etc.
  • Best vimperator on webextension for now. Too bad webextension is so restrictive. I always preferred firefox over chrome because chrome had such restrictive plugin api, and vimperator/pendactyl on firefox was so much nicer. Then google products got bloated and could only be run with chrome js engine with any speed. Now that firefox is catching up on the js engine front the plugin api regressed to chrome level. unbelievable! I hope things can be improved eventually. Also please allow tridactyl a configuration file. If not local file at least do gist or something!
  • Lovely extension that brings enough vim to firefox to be comfortable.
  • I like this extension and most I find most of the things I need. Some things I am still missing like searching through bookmarks, but overall, I am having a good experience.
    I'm glad you like it.

    You can search through your bookmarks with :bmarks, like :buffer.
  • Overrides the homepage and there is no configuration. Otherwise It's alright I guess
    Sorry about the new tab page; we change it so that we can inject our scripts into that page. You can change it with `set newtab [url]`.

    There are quite a few configuration options available; I count about 20 odd different things you can change. Just `:viewconfig` and then `:set key1.key2.key3 value`, e.g. `:set nmaps.\ fillcmdline open scholar`. `:help` and `:tutor` should give you a better of what's possible.

    Is any option in particular that you would like to change but cannot?
  • Very cool, I only miss more customization options.
    Hi, thanks!

    What kind of customisation are you missing?
  • One of the best vim'z since beginning! I tried a lot of addons in last years, but no one could reach this one. Big thanks.
  • I am a long-time pentadactyl user, and was forced to stick with ESR and other 'old' versions of firefox just to keep that addon. I eventually got fed up with doing that last month, so I tried every addon that adds vim-like bindings, only to find that they all suck compared to pentadactyl.

    However, I just tried this addon today and it's the closest thing to pentadactyl I've seen so far. I am definitely a fan, and I hope the developers of this addon keeps us pentadactyl users in mind :)

    Really amazing work, keep up the good job!
  • 1) the plugin sets your home page without asking you ― haven't seen this behaviour in a long time, and certainly not in opensource world;
    2) doesn't work on some sites (many of those, actually);
    3) no easy access to settings;
    4) no whitelist.

    for a plugin that is expected to _enhance_ my user experience that's a _fail_ in my book.