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  • It's still lagging much behind now "legacy" plugins such as vimperator or pentadactyl, but it's not only the best vim-like plugin there currently is, but it's also pretty good already.
  • Addon is not working on few pages i.e. https://addons.mozilla.org or about:home. I've updated FF to ver. 57 and I hoped that there will be some good replacements for my favorite vimFx. I also don't like Tridactyl New Tab Page. I cannot find the shortcut for closing current tab.

    I hope that when this addon will be better I change my rating.
    Thanks for your feedback. WebExtensions can't inject code onto addons.mozilla.org or pages with certain schemas. This is documented on the new-tab page, help page and on the readme :)

    The new-tab page is a bit rubbish. We hope to change it soon.

    The bind for closing a tab is `d`.
  • Looks like the best vimperator successor available.
  • Looking forword to see the evolution of Tridatctyl
  • Just upgraded to Firefox 58 and found that Vimperator no longer works :(

    As I used to be a Pentadactyl user I decided to try Tridactyl. So far it behaves like a developing version of Pentadactyl and although its missing a few things, its pretty much intuitive. No manual needed so far.

    So thanks. Nice start and works well with the new super-fast Firefox.
  • No documentation. The user is just expected to know all the features. It's promising but without documentation useless.
    I totally agree! Thanks for trying it out.

    We currently have some documentation on the new tab page and if you press colon, type "help" and then press enter. It isn't ideal as it is pretty much developer documentation, but it should give you an idea of the commands available.

    Where we are totally failing is in giving feedback to users with error messages, and documenting the current bindings - but that's coming soon; we are also very bad for first time users of anything Vim-like, but an introduction for those people is quite a low priority because there are ~20K people for whom Vimperator will stop working on Tuesday, and we want to help them first.

    Thanks again for giving us a go, and for the feedback.
  • An open source Vimperator replacement? Yes please.