186 reviews
  • Coming from pentadactyl, I am feeling very comfortable with this addon. Most keys are the same. Considering the technical hurdles, you have done a terrific job. This is really life changing - thank you so much !
  • Everything is good, except it overrides the about:newtab page
  • Thank you for your amazing work ! It's almost perfect, besides a little ugly in "Hint Mode"
  • One of my favorite firefox addons.
  • Awesome addon. I found it by mistake, but I love Vim, and this does take a tiny bit of getting used to, BUT DEFINITELY WORTH IT.

    Many, many thanks from Texas! :)

  • I don't know what I'd do without this extension. Probably install the old FF. It's still pretty buggy and still slows things down, but the experience is totally worth it. The old extension is one of the main reasons why I stuck with FF instead of joining the dark side.
  • The in-browser tutorial is the cherry on top :)
  • It used to be pretty useless, but just in a few months it's become a quite decent replacement for vimperator, which makes me quite happy. :) I need more of this
  • Tridactyl make the web usable. I can read, browse, navigate, search, and create content in keystrokes. I don't care that Tridactyl is faster, but it is far more comfortable than clicking around with a mouse. I won't even consider another browser that does not have keyboard navigation.
  • The only firefox addon, that gives me the full vim feel i like so much. <3
  • Love it! Pentadactyl can't be topped, but this is the closest I've seen! Quick, easy, looks good.

    Some notes:
    - Use :installnative to be able to save your configs to disk
    - ^ also can be used to change how firefox looks, I removed the address bar
    - It used to be pretty slow when searching through your history, now there's no lag
  • Coming from Vimperator, and then VimFX - I love this addon. Vim überalles! I really hope the developer reconsiders doing a visual mode, which is extremely useful for keyboard-oriented copy/paste! Still giving it 5 stars though...fantastic product keeps getting better. Just found out about `gF`...that's AWESOME!
  • The reason why I'm currently switching to Firefox!
  • It is like VIM but on a Web Browser. Forgot the mouse and use only the keyboard. This plugin also offer custom functionalities to speed up browsing the web. Absolutely recommended!
  • As a recent vim-addict, I'm looking to use my knowledge in other places, and Tridactyl helps me make Firefox a more usable browser