Tree Style Tab Version History

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Version 2.6.8 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 60.0 and later

2.6.8 (2018.11.5):
  • Add ability to append "Close Tree" and similar items to the "Close Tab Options" submenu on the sidebar.
  • Hide needless "Tree Style Tab" item in the tab context menu if all items are deactivated.
  • Don't highlight (multiselect) collapsed children of a parent tab, when it is activated as a successor of a closed current tab or activated from a to-be-collapsed descendant.

Version 2.6.7 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 60.0 and later

2.6.7 (2018.11.3):
  • Toggle multiselection state of collapsed descendants under the active tab by Ctrl-click, when there is no selection in different tree.
  • Select collapsed descendants under the active tab always, when non-active tab is Shift-clicked.
  • Introduce timeout for waiting other addons initialized via API. This change will fix freezing of the startup triggered by illegal API responses from other addons.

Version 2.6.6 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 60.0 and later

2.6.6 (2018.10.31):
  • Better compatibility with other addons using documentUrlPatterns with moz-extension: patterns.
  • Fix wrong value of tabs' highlighted attribute gotten via TST's APIs.

Version 2.6.5 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 60.0 and later

2.6.5 (2018.10.30):
  • Fix inaccessibility of "Reopen in Container" sub menu when there is only one container.
  • Fix broken context menu "Tree Stye Tab" after visibility of custom menu items are changed.
  • Fix impossibility of logging in to and some websites.
  • Don't detach tab to window when dragging operation is canceled by ESC key.
  • Explain more details by the scrolling message, about what happens when dragged tabs are dropped.
  • Fix compatibility problem of the API: remove menu items recirsively if it has any child item.

Version 2.6.4 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 60.0 and later

2.6.4 (2018.10.19):
  • Reintroduce "Bookmark All Tabs" and "Reload All Tabs" for Firefox 62 and older. (They won't appear on Firefox 63 and later.)
  • Apply theme color to toolbar button icon only when it is intentionally activated with svg.context-properties.content.enabled = true.

Version 2.6.3 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 60.0 and later

2.6.3 (2018.10.18):
  • Show notification message at bottom of the sidebar to describe what will happen when you drop tabs outside of the sidebar, while you are dragging tabs.
  • Deactivate tab drag handle by default.
  • Match color of icon for toolbar button and sidebar panel switcher to the current theme on Firefox 62 and later.
    Note that you need to change svg.context-properties.content.enabled to true via about:config to apply theme colors.

Version 2.6.2 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 60.0 and later

2.6.2 (2018.10.18):
  • Fix unavailability of context menu commands: duplicate tab, reopen in container, and move to new window. (regression on 2.6.0)
  • Never show tab drag handle on the half left or right side of a faviconized tab.
  • Never show tab drag handle after the tab is clicked before the handle is shown.
  • Never show needless separater in bookmark folder chooser.
  • Activate accesskey of context menu items if possible.
  • Respect behavior for new tabs triggered by browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent=true (introduced at Firefox 61): when a new tab is opened next to the current tab by the config, TST always ignores "new tab position" configs of TST itself.

Version 2.6.1 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 60.0 and later

2.6.1 (2018.10.17):2.6.0 (2018.10.16):
  • Better compatibility with extra context menu commands for tabs added by other addons, on Firefox 64 and later. And now imitated context menu have items compatible to Firefox 64 and later.
  • Add ability to change behavior of dragged tab to outside of the sidebar for each case: regular drag and Shift-drag. Shfit-drag of a tab will create bookmarks or links from all tabs in the tree, by default.
  • Add tab drag handler to start dragging of tabs with specific purpose. It will appear by pointing for a while around edge of each tab.
  • Show dialog for commands to create bookmarks.
  • Add ability to change the default folder that new bookmarks are created in.
  • Sidebar panel is reloaded immediately after the cache system is disabled.
  • Deactivate a context menu command "Duplicate Tab" for multiselected tabs. This respects to the behavior of Firefox's native one.
  • Open new tab as specified relation correctly.
  • Faster sync for tab loading throbbers. (by Lej77, thanks!)
  • Add "Reset All Shortcuts" button to the options page.
  • Never apply cached indent definition for different direction.

Version 2.5.4 1.1 MiB Works with Firefox 60.0 and later

2.5.4 (2018.9.10):

Version 2.5.3 1.1 MiB Works with Firefox 60.0 and later

2.5.3 (2018.8.30):
  • Support native multiselection of tabs on Firefox 63 and later (after the bug 1486050 is fixed).
  • Support "Reopen in Container" in the fake context menu on the sidebar.
  • Make tabs draggable on Firefox 63 and later (after the bug 1453153 is fixed).
  • Apply attention attribute of tabs to sidebar's contents, on Firefox 63 and later (after the bug 1396684 is fixed).
  • Fix gramatical mistake in en-US locale.
  • Don't tear off dragged tab(s) from the window when the dropped position is very near to the sidebar area itself.
  • Allow to drag a tree and drop it as a list of URLs.
  • Allow to open dropped URIs as tabs on the tree sidebar.
  • Load embedded SVG images correctly as favicon.
  • Allow to get permission without toolbar button, by Lej77. Thanks!
  • tab-mouseout API message is now delivered at correct timing, by klemens. Thanks!
  • Add soundButton attribute to notified API messages of tab-mousedown, tab-mouseup and tab-clicked. It indicates that the mute/unmute button is clicked or not.

Version 2.5.2 1.1 MiB Works with Firefox 60.0 and later

2.5.2 (2018.8.20):
  • Some context menu commands become robust on slow situation.

Version 2.5.1 1.1 MiB Works with Firefox 60.0 and later

2.5.1 (2018.8.19):
  • Fix unexpected recursion around loading of favicons. (regression on 2.5.0)
  • Remove default shortcuts to move focus around tree. Ctrl-Shift-Arrows are already used for general shortcuts to select words in text fields.
  • All keyboard shortcuts are now deassignable by hitting the Escape key on each field.
  • Fix misordernig of input fields to define keyboard shortcuts. (regression on 2.5.0)
  • tab-mouseout API message is now delivered at correct timing.
  • Updated zh-CN locale by YFdyh000, thanks!

Version 2.5.0 1.0 MiB Works with Firefox 60.0 and later

2.5.0 (2018.8.17):
  • Totally reconstructed as ES modules, for better maintainability.
  • Don't treat click action on closing tabs as clicking on the blank area of the tab bar.
  • New commands "Collapse this Tree" and "Expand this Tree" for the context menu on tabs.
  • New commands "Collapse this Tree", "Expand this Tree", "Focus to Parent Tab" and "Focus to First Child Tab" are now available for keybaord shortcuts.
  • "Focus to Previous Tab" and "Focus to Next Tab" commands (for keyboard shortcuts) circulate focus of tabs.
  • "Focus to Previous Tab" and "Focus to Next Tab" commands (for keyboard shortcuts) focus to actual previous/next tabs, instead of previous/next sibling tabs.
  • "Focus to Previous Tab" and "Focus to Next Tab" commands now have default keyboard shortcut.
  • Place small favicon for group tabs from pinned tabs over "folder" icon correctly.
  • The parent group tab won't be bookmarked by the "Bookmark this Tree" command anymore.
  • Add ability to configure default bookmark folder name, and it includes the date created at by default.
  • Any pinned tab is now possible to be dragged and dropped between unpinned tabs. Opposite is also available.
  • Pinned tabs are now possible to be teared off from the window by drag and drop.
  • Restore group tabs more safely. In old versions, restored group tab can lose its content.
  • Updating of group tabs is now done without reloading of the tab itself.
  • Unfocusing from the input field of the title of a group tab now applies the current value as its new title, instead of cancelling.
  • Tabs opened from a bookmark folder are correctly grouped. (It was a regression on recent versions.)
  • When a new tab is opened from a pinned tab, the tab bar will be scrolled to the new tab if possible.
  • Focus to closest ancestor tab when the active tab is going to be collapsed correctly.
  • Show specified favicon as the tab icon, for a tab with an image file.
  • Apply more theme colors for "Plain", "Vertigo" and "Mixed" for other addons like "Firefox Color".
  • Introduce 32px icons.
  • Show toolbar button icons with opacity (by asamuzaK, thanks!)
  • Clear "dragging" state of tabs more aggressively.
  • Introduce a failsafe for unexpectedly visible descendant tabs under collapsed tree on restored sesssions.
  • Add ability to output log for each module.
  • Make more robust for asynchronously updated collapsed state of tabs. (In old versions, internal state and visible state can be mismatched.)
  • Keep tree expanded after restoration, for restoration without cache.
  • Support checkbox and radio type context menu items and browser.menus.onShown/browser.menus.onHidden-like APIs.
  • Remove non-free color profile from some image files.
  • Update de locale (by sicherist, thanks!)
  • Add ru and uk locales (by perdolka, thanks!)

Version 2.4.24 896.6 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0 and later

2.4.24 (2018.6.3):
  • Some context menu commands didn't work when animation effect is disabled, on 2.4.22 and 2.4.23. (regression)
  • Fix 100% CPU usage problem on loading about;treestyletab-group on any existing group tab.
  • Fix incompatibility with Conex. When Conex is installed, new tabs opened from dropped links were unexpectedly closed immediately.

Version 2.4.23 896.2 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0 and later

2.4.23 (2018.6.1):
  • Add new API to notify sidebar is shown or hidden for other addons.
  • Apply correct favicon for restored tabs.
  • Fix freezing after a tab is detached from a window by drag and drop.
  • Make tabs more easily detachable by drag and drop.

Version 2.4.22 895.5 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0 and later

2.4.22 (2018.5.30):
  • Initialize sidebar more safely on browser's startup.
  • Prevent needless flashing of the vertical scrollbar.
  • Open new tabs from Ctrl-T as configured position more correctly.
  • Don't attach new same site tab if it is originally opened as a blank tab intentionally.
  • Close the fake context menu immediately when any item is clicked.
  • Keyboard operations affects correctly for the fake context menu even if the cursor is on any separator.
  • Refresh context menu automatically when items are modified while open.
  • Remove extra context menu items if an external addon is unregistered.
  • Make "Plain" theme more respectful of Firefox's default theme.
  • More respect Firefox's default favicons for tabs without site-specific favicon.
  • Add ability to collect logs while browser's startup process. You can print logs by running log.logs.join('\n') in the remote debugger, if you're running TST in the debug mode.
  • Update de locale (by sicherist, thanks!)

Version 2.4.21 876.9 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0 and later

2.4.21 (2018.5.16):
  • Add ability to attach newly opened orphan tab to the current tab, when they have same website.
  • Add ability to collapse/expand configuration sections.
  • Execute command in the fake context menu, by an access key without Enter, when there is no other command with same access key.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to scroll tab bar never affect to non-active windows anymore.
  • Don't reload restored group tab until it is activated.
  • Control next focused tab for closed current tab correctly (regression)

Version 2.4.20 873.0 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0 and later

2.4.20 (2018.5.14):
  • Apply specified color for tab label correctly with style rules written for old versions. (regression)
  • New tabs reopened by Conex appears in the tab bar correctly. (regression?)
  • Don't show multiple "active" tabs at once when a new active tab is opened.

Version 2.4.19 872.5 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0 and later

2.4.19 (2018.5.13):
  • New APIs for other addons to observe moving of mouse pointer on tabs.
  • Add ability to change text direction in the sidebar.
  • Add ability to change visibility of collapsed descendants in a tooltip on collapsed tree.
  • Tooltip on a tab will appear only when it is necessary for too long title.
  • Disable animation effect of the fake context menu and other menu-like UI, if animation effects in TST is disabled.
  • Handle keyboard operations around the fake context menu and fake confirmation dialog on keydown. This behavior is same to native UI.
  • Show confirmation dialog only once, when multiple tree are closed at a time. And it won't be shown by "Close Tabs to the Right" and "Close Other Tabs", because the action is already accepted by the user.
  • Show confirmation dialog in the content area of the current tab if possible, when multiple tabs are closed by keyboard shortcut command.
  • Apply "insert new child at first" configuration for tabs grouped for their pinned parent.
  • Allow to drop tab before the first tab, when there is no pinned tab. (regression on recent versions)
  • Detach moved tab from existing tree when it is moved by Ctrl-Shift-PageDown. (regression on recent versions)
  • Unexpected bumping of scroll position is disappeared, for most cases around focued tabs.
  • Don't re-focus to a dragged tab after it is dropped, to allow dragging of background tabs as is. (Inspired from codes by Lej77, thanks!)
  • Allow to cancel closing of middle-clicked tab via API. (Inspired from codes by Lej77, thanks!)
  • Mouseup and mouseup events on the sidebar are now handled as a pair with same button (by Lej77, thanks!)
  • Fade out tab labels instead of ellipsis (by Keith94m thanks!)
  • Update de locale (by sicherist, thanks!)

Version 2.4.18 858.8 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0 and later

2.4.18 (2018.3.22):
  • Support enable and icons parameters for extra menu items of the fake context menu.
  • Support icons parameter for the register-self API.
  • Newly opened child tabs are placed to the correct position.
  • Expose detailed options for scrollbar and cache.
  • Collapse large input fields in the "Advanced" section of the options.

Version 2.4.17 849.7 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0 and later

2.4.17 (2018.3.7):
  • Use default favicon of tabs same to Firexo 60.
  • Use Firefox-compatible favicon for addon manager and options tabs.
  • Add an option to deactivate fake context menu in the sidebar.
  • Optimize internal processes to collect ancestor tabs from a tab.
  • Synchronize title and favicon of a parent pinned tab to its related group tab.
  • Open new independent tab correctly by the command, when new tab are configured to be opened as children or sibling.
  • Don't cancel drag action on a tab for long press when there is no listener for "tab-dragready" API message.
  • Accept extra context menu items added by other addons without the name of the addon.
  • Set the value of HTTP_USER_AGENT to the data-user-agent attribute of the root element, for easy platform-specific styling.
  • get-tree API now returns ancestorTabIds for each tab.
  • Notify event messagess via the API only for addons which intentionally listens the message type. (However, all known message types on 2.4.16 are delivered to the addon if it doesn't declare listening event types, for backward compatibility.)

Version 2.4.16 833.5 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0 and later

2.4.16 (2018.2.12):
  • Make default shortcuts avoidable from Firefox's built-in shortcuts. Now you can scroll Tree Style Tab's sidebar by Alt-Shift-Up, Alt-Shift-Down, Alt-Shift-PageUp, Alt-Shift-PageDown, Alt-Shift-Home, and Alt-Shift-End.
  • Shortcuts for "scroll sidebar by line" now scrolls for three lines on each time.
  • Pinned tabs are now impossible to be collapsed. Even if they are collapsed accidentaly, the operation is safely blocked.
  • "Close This Tree", "Close Descendant Tabs" and "Close Other Tabs except This Tree" now work again. (regression on 2.4.15)
  • Better styling of extra buttons on the new tab button in the "Metal" theme.
  • Update de locale (by sicherist, thanks!)

Version 2.4.15 829.9 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0 and later

2.4.15 (2018.2.11):
  • Keyboard shortcuts for commands are now customizable on Firefox 60 and later.
  • Fix broken "Bookmark All Tabs" in the fake context menu. (regression on 2.4.11-13)
  • Introduce new keyboard shortcuts to scroll Tree Style Tab's sidebar itself: Alt-Up, Alt-Down, Alt-PageUp, Alt-PageDown, Alt-Home, and Alt-End.
  • Update zh_TW locale (by Bo-Sian Li, thanks!)

Version 2.4.14 808.0 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0 and later

Tabs are duplicated or moved across windows correctly. (regression on 2.4.11)

Version 2.4.13 808.0 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0 and later

Restore tree correctly for "Restore Previous Session". (regression on 2.4.12)

Version 2.4.12 803.7 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0 and later

2.4.12 (2018.2.9):
  • Respect "expand tree when a tab gets focus" configuration for finally focused tab via Ctrl-Tab/Ctrl-Shift-Tab.
  • Fix missing menu label of extra context menu items. (regression on 2.4.11)
  • Better performance around dragging something over tabs.

Version 2.4.11 802.1 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0 and later

2.4.11 (2018.2.9):
  • Reformat keys of localized messages matching to the spec.
2.4.10 (2018.2.9):
  • Match default behavior of long-press on the "New Tab" button to Firefox's one (it shows a menu to choose container).
  • Place button to select new tab posiiton at right side for the new tab button, if the button to choose container is invisible.
  • Respect browser.tabs.selectOwnerOnClose correctly when new child tabs are configured to be inserted to top of tree. (regression on 2.4.9)
  • First child tab opened from a pinned tab is now placed at configured position. (regression on 2.4.9)
  • Process initialization message from other addons via API more correctly.
  • Better performance around dragging something over tabs.
  • Better performance around collapse/expand tabs.

Version 2.4.9 799.2 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0 and later

2.4.9 (2018.2.8):
  • Introduce ability to open new tab specifying its position, by long-press on the "New Tab" button.
  • Better appearance for the contaienr selector on the "New Tab" button.
  • Warn before closing multiple tabs a a time.
  • Better behavior and keyboard operation handling of fake context menu.
  • Better compatibility with other addons which hide some tabs, like Conex. Now tabs hidden on the top tab bar are also hidden in the sidebar.
  • Always scroll to the newly opened tab when it is opened as the active tab.
  • Tabs opened from same pinned tab are grouped, only when there are multiple tabs to be grouped.
  • Group-tab to bundle tabs opened from same pinned tab inherits the container of the parent pinned tab.
  • Show descendant tabs as the content of a group tab. Clicking on an item will give focus to the tab.
  • Don't break group tabs when Tree Style Tab is dynamically updated.
  • Restore group tabs as-is when they are imported from different profile with session information.
  • More meaningful label for "temporary group" checkbox of group tabs.
  • Reduce mismatched tree structure between the internal master process and the visible sidebar contents.
  • A new alias to specify tabs via API: senderTab which is resolved to the owner tab for a content script.
  • Update de locale (by sicherist, thanks!)

Version 2.4.8 753.3 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0 and later

2.4.8 (2018.2.1):
  • Fix fatal error on the startup process for tree restored from cache.
  • Don't expand current tree by just hitting Ctrl key.
  • Don't focus to collapsed children expectedly, after the tree of tabs are restored from cache.
  • Don't open a new tab by right-click on the "New Tab" button. It was an unexpected behavior on Windows.
  • Accept about:treestyletab-startup as a shorthand of the startup tab.
  • APIs now return indent information as a part of extended tabs.Tab.

Version 2.4.7 752.0 KiB Works with Firefox 57.0 and later

2.4.7 (2018.1.30):
  • Fix fatal error on restoration of tabs from the cache.
  • Show active and hover marker for tabs at the Mixed theme, to match tab style of Firefox itself.
  • Use Highlight system color to highlight active and hover tabs at the Vertigo and the Mixed themes, on Linux.
  • Apply background color correclty at the Vertigo theme.
  • Update en locale (by Thomas Bertels, thanks!)
  • Update zh_TW locale (by Bo-Sian Li, thanks!)
  • Update de locale (by sicherist, thanks!)