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  • Wanted to like this add-on, but as others have reported, it quits working after some time. Get it running again, and it quits. That's a real shame as these people are trying to something laudable, possibly even noble. I'm 100% behind those that want to keep various entities from tracking us, and using our information to manipulate the population in order to enrich themselves. Yet, the add-on appears to have issues.

  • Thanks for a good addon!
    But at sometime after installing it losed settings and stopped working (
  • Gute Idee, nur läuft eher unzuverlässig.
  • Worked on 3/9 when I downloaded it. Broke on 3/10 when it was updated. Just says TMN Error. None of the buttons work on the Options menu. Can fill out the fields, but clicking buttons does nothing.
  • I like the idea behind this extension, and it does what it says. It's also quite fun to watch it in action.

    However, the settings panel could use a bit of love to be as usable and convincing as AdNauseum: The query list can't be closed, and the buttons change size when clicked making the text jump around, and some of these size-changing buttons need to be double-clicked very fast to work at all.

    The link in the bottom of the settings panel to the Forbes article about DHS keywords is 404ing.
  • Зроблено дуже гарно!! Показуе все що треба!!
  • I love this one; it confuses trackers by doing random searches all around!
  • Doesn't work anymore and I don't find any alternatives.