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  • The "Use tab to search" feature won't let me exit Firefox! It keeps opening a new tab again every time I try to quit.

    The newer versions of Firefox have eliminated the status bar, so I have no way of knowing what this thing is searching besides that buggy tab bar.

    The black list edit box is ridiculously small. I have to manage dozens of black list words. This is like looking through a keyhole, it's so small.

    Keywords need to be improved. Variations of blacklisted words are still being searched. That is unacceptable.

    Fix these things and maybe you might have a decent add-on.
  • Opposite of what youre looking for; sure way to get you on many 'lists'. Out of the box this is set to randomly search keywords gathered from cnn.com's rss feed and others.

    Here are some words it configured to search for first time:
    DOGGYSTYLE, Cybersecurity, Terror turkey, ISIS, Spy, U.S.cuba, KKK black panthers, Transgender, Patron, 4yearold n.y., Could isis, Lone, Art sex pirelli, girl, Meet

    Badly configured by default. Authors have had years to correct this and put in safeguards as standard and remove clearly BAD default feeds. As it is, it is designed to make you a target. Do not trust.
  • I love the concept of this extension, but it is so terribly buggy, I can't stand it. I have a huge number of empty log entries. Apparently, TMN has been submitting empty searches.

    TMN doesn't work at all unless I enable "Use tab to search". But when I enable that option, TMN slows Firefox to an absolute unusable crawl. Also, when a new search is performed, the tab it's running in turns the loading animation on and off over and over and over.

    Validating the RSS also doesn't appear to do anything. I get no feedback whatsoever when I use that function.

    I'd pay $50 for a fully functional bit of software of this type.
  • Works as advertised. Light and runs in background, won't slow you browser. A very good idea to install.
  • Good idea. But it froze everything when I was trying to write a comment on Reddit (the first time I kept waiting for it to unfreeze, and then tried to use other programs while waiting but they froze too, so I tried hitting Control-Alt-Del and then Windows itself froze and I had to press the Reset button on the case. The second time I end-tasked Firefox as soon as it froze). After disabling it, I can write comments on Reddit without freezing; I don't wanna risk corrupting more files testing this.
    Dear user. Sorry for the trouble, we 're investigating the issue to address the problem you reported.
    Be sure that TMN should not be interfering and there is no risk TMN will corrupt files.
    I tried to reproduce the bug and posted a comment on Reddit but it worked well so we would need additional information to reproduce the bug. Please file a bug report or contact us by email to help us.
  • I've used TrackMeNot for a few years without problems but since FF v34.0.5 a couple months ago to v35.0.1 now, it has been hanging when closing FF. It just wouldn't close without forcing it to by closing the process in Task Manager. Quite a hassle. But after disabling individual add-ons, I narrowed it down to the problem being with TrackMeNot 0.8.13. I'd like to see it get fixed as it seemed to work well before.
  • I like this extension. And I didn't get the 'hang' problem reported below. If you look at the latest development version listed below (3 Feb 2015) you'll notice that it fixes a 'freeze' error, perhaps the same.
  • Nice idea, however it seems to hang my FF when I close it / quit.

    Tracked it down to this extension.. when i disable it, everything is fine and I can close FF without force-quitting.

    Edit: down to 1 star as also their support link is retired.. is this still under development?
  • I see some reviews that claim the app is searching queries about porn. That is completely false as the queries are drawn from the NY Times RSS feed.
  • Good add on !
    As one user recommended look into reddit for more search items.Plenty of sub-reddits to fill up Googles hard drives with.
    Takes a person that wants to not be tracked to make this work more effectively .
  • Track Me Not is all kinds of awesome. With a little hacking it can achieve a bit more obfuscation.

    However it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to change it from the default RSS list

    ^ That should be prompted on install as was once the selection of adblocking subscription by adblock extensions. Unlike Wladimir Palant there is no hidden financial gain for the developers. Wladimir Palant, developer of adblockplus, now profits from violations of user privacy in what he deems an acceptable fashion not much unlike google founders initial pledge of privacy defense now given only lip service.

    Alternatively it would be nice to have the extension apply limited randomization of which RSS feeds are defaulted.

    If correct TMN strategies are not self evident "too stupid to have freedom" might apply.

    for email webPG is a start

    prism break, xmpp texting OTR, zRTP
  • Nice shill jimmy22 but not good enough. It is obvious that you are paid by Google to scare people off from using this plugin.

    It wouldnt be nice if the stupid goy all start using this plugin now would it? Then advertising and NSA agencies wont pay for private user data. Well i havent seen the plugin search for pipebomb and i doubt you will get swat raided for searching for pipebomb.

    Your pathetic paid attempt to keep people from fighting google back is futile.
  • I like this add-on a lot. I have since replaced the default queries with a huge list of my own, and am happy with what has been sent to the search engines (nothing bad being sent like porn).

    Unfortunately, there are a few things keeping me from rating this a 5/5. For one, the log file can get big (not too big though) if you aren't cleaning it up after every once in awhile.

    Also, finding rss feeds for websites that aren't news sites or blogs can be rather hard, and it would be great if you could get phrases from things other than rss feeds. (for example when i search for a headphone review of headphones that my audiophile friend is raving about, it sticks out like a sore-thumb, since i can't find any good headphone-related rss feeds) Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but it sure is upsetting. It would be great if we could make a list of strings in a .txt file that the program could also choose from, since making an rss feed specifically for the purpose of making the TMN searches more diverse is way to much work.

    That being said, I love the idea of this add-on and think the execution of the idea is very solid.

    P.S. pro tip for anyone looking to find rss feeds for TMN to use, I find reddit is a great place, as long as the subreddit is active.
  • I can confirm this is looking up questionable porn as well as some weird stuff like "pipebomb" etc. I only used the default RSS feeds so I don't know how some of these would happen. Is the intent to actually obscure those searches by making it part of everyone's profile history? If so that should have been stated in the download. Now I'm freaked wondering how long this was going on for.
  • Please do not mind the rating I gave. I'm just trying to comment. Although I installed this add-on once and played with it I had to uninstalled it because I was concerned about the queries it sent Google. I always worried about some porn or illegal porn query being sent to Google so I uninstalled it. I have no evidence that it sends these types of queries to Google but the concern was enough to uninstall it. Now I read the review below and see part of my concern was valid. Be careful.
  • This is what I have found in my log from this software.
    [QUERY] engine=bing | mode=timed | query='Cute assfucked' | qpm=0.123 | Wed, 18 Sep 2013 15:02:47 GMT |
    Notice the words CUTE ASSFUCKED
  • Love the idea, but more options, including randomizing multiple feeds instead of just one source and a few other tweaks to reduce predictability, would be very nice.

    Also, a nice little addition would be the option to see queries in a tooltip rather than displayed next to the icon to save space.
  • This add-on TMN desperately needs a Java Script Randomizer for the time the searches are requested option.

    TMN developers should add another add-on that randomly pulls up hundreds of thousands of safe websites to dump goose stepping western agencys tracking Internet users patterns.

    Please add a randomizer option for the time the quierys are sent to squash goose stepping western agencys Internet profiling databases and fill them with useless trash.
  • Очень не хватает поддержки популярных в России поисковиков : Рамблер , Яндекс , майл.ру , Апорт, нигма.рф , ИванСусанин, Metabot , Ёпрст, Улитка, Type.ru , Нетотека и других, и соответсвенно, русскоязычной RSS, либо возможности добавлять поисковики для пользователя. В частоту запросов необходимо ввести рандомное время между запросами для более человекоподобного поведения,
  • I had given positive reviews in the past but it is overdue for updates and the developers really need to step it up. What is wrong?

    1. It wont allow itself to be moved by either dragging and dropping or by using Organize Status Bar.

    2. The queries need random timing otherwise they will be spotted too easily. Big Brother is not that dumb.

    3. The Get Satisfaction form was a real nightmare! After posting it still tried not to post it, then it demanded a login, then it wouldn't accept my login. I had everything stored in LastPass and it outright refused to to go! Get Satisfaction should be renamed Get Frustration! This is a typical problem in bad service that businesses think that they can get away with. Dump people on the robot and think that it is just as good as a real human... "Your call is very important to us... Please hold!... Lalalala( elevator music) "We're sorry, due to high demand all operators are busy now... Please hold..."

    Tested on both Palemoon(15.1.1.) and Freezefox (15.1)
  • Hi, you should add random submission time.
  • This addon is useful but had a problem with timing. If someone wanted to ignore all of these queries, they would just all the requests that are every minute, or 3 minutes or 10 minutes, because the resuests are so perodic. It would be nice to have a feature that randomized the timing of the requests. That would make this much more useful.
  • A must have for privacy, combined with Ghostery, Adblock plus, Https everywhere. The only thing missing is the option to add some more search engines to the list. About some earlier comments about sensitive searches sometimes showing up, because the newssites have sensitive word in their feeds - It's the reality, a news feed. eg. new york times. WILL contain some sensitive words If feeling worried about that, change the rssfeed from where the plugin generates querys from to one you trust more - it's easy.
  • Thanks to bobbybob for pointing out an inconsistency in my original review. Not sure how I missed that, but I did. So today (4-4-12), I'm editing out my mistake. Here is my review: I love the idea of TrackMeNot helping your computer and you get lost in a sea of search queries to help avoid targeting and tracking. As far as I could tell, it executed its mission flawlessly. However, this morning (2-10-12), I noticed one of the search queries was 'police child porn.' That query is a darned good way to draw perhaps unwanted and unfair scrutiny. So I said good-bye to TrackMeNot.
    I understand your concern about TMN sending this type of query. To address this issue we added the possibility to blacklist some keywords in the latest version of TMN (0.7.83). Note that you’ll have to restart your browser once you added keywords to the blacklist as TMN will have to generate a near list of queries.
  • Tested the Version 0.7.81a in Fx 8.0.1, still can't get it work properly when TMN is enabled, no query is sent out as per its log.
    Please use the "GetSatisfaction" webpage or contact us via e-mail to report bugs. Ae need further informaiton to correct this bug (like ohter extensions you are using, your OS...).

    This review page is not adapted to bug report.