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  • Using 0.10.3 on Firefox and Waterfox. Same issue happens: Settings do not appear to save.

    Cannot remove a custom search engine because, while it's been saved to its file(s), the item does not appear in the list.

    Timing appears to set itself back to the 10/min when I'm actually set to 1/min

    Otherwise, this is a great tool for poisoning the data well. Security through obscurity. Thank you for this.
  • Très bonne idée ce module !
  • Was working untill version 9 . Now version 10 not working right and no longer can use this at all .

    Why wont they fix this mess and get it working again like version 9.
  • This module doesn't work.
    1) Bug: It doesn't save the settings.
    2) Unexpected behavior: It just issued the query "dad porn video" with the basic settings. Many queries have no sense.
    3) Useless: Nothing has really changed since the plugin was released years ago. It's easilty detected and discarded by search engines.The only benefit of this plugin is that your online profile will be tagged "Likes privacy".
    The basic idea is interesting but there was not enough work put into this to make it valuable.
  • Great add-on for confusing search engines.
    However, I use Firefox in private mode and the add-on does not retain my customized settings when I quit the browser. Is this something the add-on can solve or is it a global issue with Firefox? (Firefox 57 on Mac OS X 10.13.2)
  • Thank you for this add.
    I face a problem on Wiindows 10 with Firefox 57: I am making some changes in the options but they get erased when closing.
  • Good add on so far.
    One big problem after updating is that google queries lead to error. The google query is marked as red entry in the log window.
    After disabling google as search engine, the add works correct again.
    Version of Firefox: 57.0.2 (64-bit)
    TrackMeNot: 0.10.3
    Windows 10
    Please fix this problem
  • For the last few days, your application get stuck on "error" unexpectedly.
    And, more importantly, when I enable it, a tab with the homepage of "Google france" opens. (And disappear when I disable "TrackMeNot".
    Using Windows 7
    Firefox 56.0
  • This used to work fine, but with the latest updates I'm just getting "Error". I have uninstalled and re-installed, but no luck
    Greetings. Can you tell me your version of Firefox and TrackMeNot, and your OS? Lets see if we can get this fixed for you...
  • In the options menu it won't let me enable the extension. It sounds like a good idea, but the execution is flawed.
  • Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
    Firefox 55.0.3 (64-bit)
    Add-ons: Adnauseam, TrackMeNot

    Black List problems:
    - Original terms can be deleted BUT new terms cannot be added.
    - The check mark of "Generate queries including keywords monitored by DHS" disappears after refresh.

    Please add the option "White list" so we can add our own words to be included in search queries.
  • french rss feeds do not seem to operate correctly. If alone in the list, no query is sent, and if just added after a | no french query is done. Maybe the syntax of the url i use is incorrect or unusable ? ex. http://www.lefigaro.fr/rss .....
  • Nie chcę być śledzonym . That's Why )
  • Been using it for years. Has been great, but started reading "Error" since the most recent update, which happened today, June 8, 2017, I believe.
    Thank you for the review. Please, contact us at the support email address so we can investigate this bug.
  • But won't support multip process( yet)
  • I was using this for a day, thought it was pretty cool and was enjoying it, then I searched for something and my default engine had changed to Yahoo!. I saw some other reviews say the same thing from a couple months ago, the developer had replied saying he would fix it but it's still not fixed. I'm uninstalling until that gets fixed. Too annoying to deal with. And just plain weird. Why would that even happen?
    Sorry for this bug. This was not the expected behavior and it must have been fixed with the last update.
  • After removing my Firefox installation and then re-installing it and adding back each of my extensions one by one, I have determined that it is TrackMeNot that is periodically resetting my default search engine to Yahoo. This is very unethical IMO, and if they do this, who knows what else the extension does. It should be removed from the Mozilla extensions library.
    Sorry, this is not the expected behavior. TMN is not supposed to change your default search engine, I'll fix this.

  • Works.
    New version seems to support multiprocess and web extensions.
    TrackMeNot is now using the WebExtension framework and e10s should not longer be a problem.