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  • Brilliant ! Works great on Android ! No more headaches for me.
  • I love what this extension does and how it does it. It's a good design, and the live updates as you tweak the settings really helps find the optimal setting for each site.

    By default the "Keep up with changing content" interval is set quite low, to a few seconds. On slow or very busy machines, this can lead to update problems. If these occur, try making the update interval longer.

    However, the "Disable" check box simply does not work. The only thing it disables is the Settings window. The extension continues to apply the current settings to every tab. (It even applies them to the captions that accompany streaming videos from TED, YouTube, and Netflix!)

    To actually disable it temporarily, you need to disable the extension itself. I have been doing that, but it takes longer than it should.

    "Text Legibility" also lacks site-specific settings, which is a major drawback, especially for productivity sites (Gmail, Google Calendar, etc) that use custom shading and font colours extensively.

    I expect the author intended it to be an elegant way to made global decisions for all sites, but made it too useful for users to want to use it like that.

    We love having the ability to customize the appearance of each website on the fly, which this extension provides. We would love to be able to have custom settings for each website. Unfortunately, this is a big change in the design, and I'm not sure the author is motivated to make this change.

    So dear reviewers, PLEASE BE KIND when asking the author to take that big step, and to put in those hours! This is a free extension, and the work is completely voluntary, so we need to treat the author with respect!
  • (5-star) Very useful addon to deal with websites that use too little contrast, set text sizes that are too small, etc. Still has trouble with text-shadow though.

    UPDATE 2019-04-10: downgrading it to 2-star for now. It is causing frequent freezes which is very annoying when typing in Firefox.
  • I've just installed it an first impressions are very good.
  • With a big scroll bar that you can pop up, it is possible to quickly and easily adjust the text on any website. You see in real time what is happening, i.e. you do not have to reload the page to see the effect.

    A zillion stars for wonderful Add-On!
  • Please add auto textwrap option
  • Font sice change works on my tablet perfect.
  • This seems to be the best add-on for making text easier to read. Thanks a ton for making it :-).
  • Disable is not reliable.

    For example:

    1. visit https://www.logilab.org/

    2. use the Legibility icon to disable Legibility

    3. close the tab

    4. open a new tab

    5. visit https://www.logilab.org/


    - no effect of Legibility

    Actual result:

    - effects of Legibility


    - enable
    - disable

    – but the workaround is not persistent.

    I first found this problem with Legibility for Firefox, added to Waterfox on FreeBSD-CURRENT.

    Reproducible with Legibility on Chromium 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) (64-bit) on FreeBSD-CURRENT.
  • After installation I configured settings but can't find the control after making web search results page text too dark. How can I reach settings for add on again?
  • Very useful Add-on but I had to uninstall it. When the app is disabled it still formats text. I have to enable it and then disable it for the original page presentation. At first I thought the add-on created a registry of visited urls and saved their settings, but that isn't the case. It would, however, be a great feature. I would continue using this add-on because I agree with the developer's premise: light gray text on a white background is completely insane. I hope the developer has some input, which I would eagerly welcome.
  • I installed this on my windows 10 computer, and my android tablet.
    It works great on both, and now I can read everything, without screwing my eyes up!
    Thank you!
  • 1. Please increase the line spacing because the lines are too crowded for larger font sizes. Let me change the line spacing as I like.

    2. I would like the addon to remember its site's settings.
  • I find this extension extremely useful, but it always hangs on site https://msdn.microsoft.com/vba/office-vba-reference. For most pages in the site, I regularly get the message "A script in the extension "Legibility" is causing Firefox to slow down". The interruptions continue even after I uncheck "Enable" in the Legibility pop-up, and the only way to browse without disturbance is to disable the extension under about:addons. To re-create the problem, navigate to the above website then click random entries in the left-hand column under "Table of Contents". The extension misbehaves only on these Microsoft pages.
  • Please, add an option to disable this acid (and illegible) badge over the icon! Also, 'contrast' option makes double texts within input areas of some sites, so white/black listing would be helpful. Thanks.
  • 2.5 stars. This extension is the only one of it's kind that works at all for the current version of Firefox, however, the developer should compare it to Chrome's extension "Font Rendering Enhancer". There, there is only one setting. The contrast is increased without distortion and all colors are kept including the color of links (it seems to me that the extension causes Chrome to render all the text on a page twice; first where it belongs and then again shifted to the right less than one pixel, and it's adjustable). On the other hand, this extension for Firefox, known as Legibility is awkward and at best will make colored text monochrome (as well as text intended to be grey). But, since it is the only practical solution available for Firefox text, I'm giving it 2.5 stars.
  • I like it and I want to buy it for the 5.00. Can i use my credit card instead of the paypal.
  • Thank you for your efforts with this nice extension. I am using it every day.
    I found at least one site where the extension's adjustment of text contrast makes things worse though. https://www.torontopearson.com/en/flights/schedules/ The text "departures", "arrivals" etc are originally light coloured on dark background, but the extension makes the text colour dark and practically invisible. Maybe you can have a look at that specific case and improve your code?
    Thanks again.
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