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  • Works as expected, great addon. However I feel like there should be a option to make domain-specific settings, instead of whole web.
  • grate
  • I like very much to use your Legibility add on, but I have a hard time trying to find out how to use it.

    Please give instructions on how to use it, in clear easy to understand words.

    Still I commend you for your good heart to have produced this add on.

    Thanks a lot.

    Marius Dejess
  • Love this! Stumbled on it while prepping FF for 11/14/17 57 release. For the eyeball impaired (sure there's a better term...) it works like a charm. Not only the physical size of the characters, but 2 important factors. Contrast (that horrid grey stuff!) and the edge highlight. Latter is akin to the TrueType Font adjustment in Windows....sharpens the edges so characters appear more clean cut. The author can explain better, I just know what I see and like.

    This is a true case of WYSIWYG! Make it your own!
  • I like the idea of this and I wish I could get it to work on 56.0 for Android. Alas, it appears in the drop down menu but selecting the"Legibility" menu item does absolutely nothing. Tried restarting my tablet to no avail. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  • Now I can read with out straining my eyes. Thanks!
  • The gray text fetish is driving me nuts. This add-on is fast and generally effective. I have it set to 86 Minimum, 100 Maximum and 100 Edge. Some web pages are less readable with the settings and it that case you simply disable the add-on. I do not understand why someone else feels compelled to determine what constitutes readability for me, without any knowledge of my hardware or software or my visual acuity. This is a Godsend for me.
  • The addon is great, it has really helped me with my eye strain issues due to the increasingly popular design trend of low contrast and tiny text sizes. I don't have poor eyesight, but I like having a reasonable text size and contrast so I can actually read it without having to keep on re-reading it due to the uncertainty caused by it being hard to see.

    There's only one major issue for me: When a neutral grey text is overlayed on top of a dark or black background, the addon only shifts the text to a darker colour like black - making it invisible! It would be good if the addon was aware of the parent element's background colour and to factor that in so that the text colour would shift more towards white rather than black when on a black background.
  • I installed this on Firefox 52 on Android 6.0.1, but it has no effect. It shows up in the list of addons, but it has no effect and I can't find any menu item anywhere in Firefox that refers to it. Like it's invisible.
    It says it runs on Firefox 48 and later. Did this stop working recently?
  • Great solution for all the web geniuses out there that think medium gray text on a light gray background looks slick.

    I don't understand all the knobs, but setting
    Text Contrast 0
    Minimum 100
    Maximum 100
    works for me. Thank you!
  • It would be good to have a blacklist, to disable it on some sites.

    Maybe add an option so that only pure gray text is changed, so that coloured text is not altered.

    There is also the dilemma of dark backgrounds. Ideally lighter than 50% text should be lightened, but how do you know what the background is?

    What I like about the add-on is it keeps things fairly simple.

    I see it needs a restart to take effect, but this is not made clear, so people may think it doesn't work.
    The tension is between simplicity and flexibility. A blacklist could work as a compromise between saving settings for each site and nothing.

    Contrast to dark backgrounds is a real problem. There are ways to guess the background color, none of them fully reliable. I keep wishing that someday browsers will expose the computed background.

    I did not know that a restart is required. Will see if anything can be done.
  • When I first reviewed this add-on I thought it didn't work. That's because I was testing it on addons.mozilla.org. For some reason it doesn't work on that site, but it does seem to work on all the other sites I tried.

    Text Legibility allows you to set various parameters globally; that is, the settings you choose will apply to all sites. This is convenient but it can lead to some inconsistent results. Firefox's built-in zoom feature enables you to tailor zoom levels to individual sites.
    Can you tell me the situation that fails: browser/OS versions, web page, and the steps? I am happy to fix bugs, but cannot when there's no way to reproduce them. Thanks!