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  • Export folder: fails; bug reported to developer.
  • Great extension. It helped me with missing favicons after old session import (it loads favicons itself, not depending if tab is loaded or not so i can easily navigate between tabs). I just wish it worked a little bit faster with a lot of tabs (over 1000). Noticed a bug - filter search bar doesn't clear itself.
  • A bit confusing. Can't find saved tabs. Close tabs closes whole of Firefox. Swishy floating controls seem unnecessary and stop FF from responding to other keyboard shortcuts.
    I'll go back to OneTab - they aren't direct competitors but not sure what this is for functionally. Does look nice though.
  • May compromise Restore Previous Session !
  • Simply awesome.
    I managed to filter all cr*p in my tab hell in matter of minutes, saved the meaningful stuff for next generations and started a new tab heaven.
  • it's good to use for me indeed
  • very dangerous, crash and bring mozilla useless. delete the file in appdata for save your tab if this appen.
  • Pretty good overall, but UI needs some love. I also experience a bug when trying to open saved page, it doesn't open, I end up with blank page with e.g. `moz-extension://04560661-e687-4b63-b11d-d60f930fc0e9/tab-loader/load.html?url=https%3A//www.wikipedia.org/&title=Wikipedia` address (clean profile, no other addons). So can't use this addon for now.
  • I must say that I am truely disappointed; I spent over 10 minutes to figure out how it works, and I haven't got it to work. All I wanted is to organize my opened tabs in folders, and I just couldn't figure out how to do that. Very disappointing.
  • Useful for tabs extremists like me.
  • This extension has proved very useful. A lot of comments are saying it doesn't work as expected, so here's a guide to how I'm using it:

    1. To get the folder view shown in the screenshots there are three ways: 1) press Alt-Shift-T, 2) open the Popup Menu, select the three-dot menu and then click "Tab Manager". Both of those options open the Tab Manager in a new tab. Or: 3) in the Popup Menu, click Saved Tabs at the top, this opens the Tab Manager/folder view in the popup menu itself.
    2. Be aware that no tabs will appear in the Tab Manager/folder view until you Save some.
    3. In the popup menu's Open Tab view you can manipulate all open tabs, such as moving a selection of tabs to a new window (one of the things I particularly wanted), closing a bunch of tabs at once, pinning them, and of course saving them.
    4. Whenever you Save a tab, it gets saved to the Tab Manager (Folder view). When saving you can enter a folder name to organize them in a hierarchy, and at any time you can drag-and-drop both tabs and folders to re-organize.
    5. Other comments mention that the Save Tab shortcut (Alt-T) doesn't work. For me, on Mac OS, it does save the tab and doesn't open the Tools menu (I guess it's a different shortcut on Mac OS). However pressing Alt-T to save the tab also closes that tab. I don't know if this intentional or not, but I find it annoying - I don't necessarily want to close every tab I save. So I find it better to save tabs using the Popup menu.
    6. In the Popup Menu, be aware that tabs are organised by window, and the window names are set according to whichever tab is active. It would be nicer if there was something like "Window #1", #2 etc against them, but you get used to it.

    And that's it really. It provides the ability to easily manage tabs in bulk (close, pin, etc), to move tabs between windows and to new windows, to save a bunch of tabs and then open them again later, and provides easy searching through all your open or saved tabs. If you need those features, it's a really useful addon. It also allows for import/export, but I've not tried that personally.

    I'm giving four, not five stars because the UI could be a little better, and it's a shame that Alt-T to save tabs also closes them at the same time. It would also be nice, as others have mentioned, if keyboard shortcuts could be re-configured.

    But it's a very useful addon which I wish I had installed a while ago. I often open a bunch of tabs for a particular purpose, and just do so in whichever window is open. Then later I regret having so many different tabs, for different purposes, in a single window. This addon makes it very easy to move a bunch of tabs to a different window, and/or to save them for later access.
  • This add-on seriously needs a manual. The author probably thinks it's completely intuitive, but I have no idea how to use it. Just about everything I try has a different effect than I expected.
  • I do not have the interface that is promised by the screen copies. Neither folders, nor organize. Only Opened tabs, and saved tabs. And under that, a tree view with the current folder, and when I click on it the other ones in the lower level. Why ?
    I can do nothing of that, so I have to uninstall it.
    I do not know what happened that I did not have the extension as it is supposed to be.
  • Nice!!
  • This is a fantastic plugin. I couldn't use Firefox without it (I use it similar to how I use Tabs Outliner in Chrome). Only things I wish it did different is show window a matching tab is in when searching, and some more context menu options for managing tabs and windows (like Tabs Outliner has).
  • Lost around a thousand tabs and I don't know which.
    When searching for a keyword to close tabs, as soon as I close a tab the list gets reloaded with other contet. So if I click on several close symbols in a row, tabzen will replace the list I am working with and put a category with all my tabs directly under the mousepointer, closing this category closes all tabs. Closing hundreds of tabs stalled Firefox and it restarted. The tabs already closed was thus no longer to be found in the "recently closed tabs" list.

    Putting a button that means "throw all your stuff away" right under the mouse pointer while I am clicking it isn't a nice feature. It's nothing but deliberate and vicious.
  • finally a replacement for tab groups but it has really bad UI and UX.
  • Hey there. It's a really great extension. I love how I can easily manage my tabs and sessions without having to put all of the temporary stuf into my bookmark list. I especially love to use it when I'm watching (live) streams. Because I want them to run smoothely but use to have many many tabs open, I love to save them in tabzen in one go and have them automatically closed to then restor the session of my choice after watching whatever I was watching.

    I have a little suggestion for 5 stars: In the "Saved Tabs" windown, after clicking onto the tabzen icon, I'd like to be able to delete links without having to the tabzen tab. Right now I can click on items and have a sub-menu for opening and opening incognito etc.. I do miss a "delete" option there. That would be a smaller detail increasing usability enourmously :D
  • All I can say is HUH? This addon doesn't seem to me to add any value at all to FF that isn't already there to begin with. It's nothing more than a way to bookmark tabs and a few other bells and whistles that are also already there. I see no point to this whatsoever. Rather use Tree Style Tabs which works on the fly.
  • Seems like a really nice concept, but it's pretty much unusable because the keyboard shortcut which is supposed to save the current tab is Alt-T - which is of course the hotkey to open the Tools menu and never reaches the extension.
    There are no options to reconfigure the shortcut to one which would actually work, either.

    The interface has a few other issues.
    When you open its menu, all of your current tabs are in a closed folder for some reason, and you have to expand it manually. The folders are presumably there to show different browser windows, but that doesn't make sense if there is only one browser window open, and it especially doesn't make sense to start it collapsed.
    Since the folder has the name of the currently open tab, you might think that saving it would save the current tab, but instead it saves your entire window.
    Opening a group of saved tabs will open them in a new window rather than as tabs in the current window, and again there's no option not to do this.
    There also doesn't appear to be any way to "pop" a tab from the list, e.g. open it and remove it from the list.

    Basically, the extension needs a lot of options to make it usable, starting with the ability to customise the keyboard shortcuts, and going from there.
  • This works ok but is very unintuitive and cumbersome. I have tried many others though and this has good potential as a tab group manager. Boy I miss the "Tab Groups" ad on ! Anyway, I click 3 times just to get
    into the manager and from there can rearange tab links and folders ( nice ! ) I like that I can select more than
    one to move or delete etc. but it would be much improved if I could PASTE a link into one of the folders. When
    I right click a tab link in the manager a nicely designed box appears indicating a place to put a link but it
    will not accept PASTE !! Very frustrating. It is a drag to type a whole web address into a box ! Sheeesh !
    Also, in the same vein it would be great to be able to right click a tab and drop it into a list of folders so as
    to organize better. Otherwise as it is groups can get all mixed up with new tabs added for different subjects.
    Thanks much for you efforts so far as this works with FF 57 and is sure better than nothing ! With a few
    improvements I will gladly donate some Rupies !
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