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  • This extension saved my saved tabs from Tab Group after updating FF from v57
  • Needs keyboard bindings added to make closing of unwanted tabs usable - doing via mouse is cumbersome. Up/down to move through the list, del to delete current tab, maybe 'u' to undo previous delete. that would do it.
  • Very helpful add-on, but does not always work and has minimal documentation. ..
    Provides ability: ..
    * to export individual bookmark folders to HTML ..
    * to use mouse drag and drop to move bookmarks and folders ..
    Bugs and deficiencies: ..
    * The tabzen manager window sometimes fails to show subfolder contents; contents do appear, however, on the tabzen menu
    * Opening a folder of bookmarked files fails -- stops with no warning -- when loading a "file:///" user web-page ..
    * Tabzen bookmarks do not include the dd-tag meta-data saved in bookmarks created by Firefox ..
    * Arrow keys do not work in the manager window ..
    * No way to copy entries in one folder and paste the copies in another ..
  • You say :
    “USAGE : Access the popup menu by clicking on the Tabzen logo on the toolbar, to the right of the address bar. The menu lists the open tabs and windows.”
    Instead of the list of all tabs, only the current tab appears.
    I have to click on the gear wheel on top right to see all open tabs and folders I created.
    When I created a first folder "VPN ", all tabs ended up in it.
    I had to move these tabs to the root, but some are duplicated.
    In short, I'm waiting for this extension to be ready before reinstalling it.
  • Nice addon! Thank you. Can you add support for Cyrillic names for folders? Just can't create folders with non-latin names. And is it possible to synchronize "database" of tabzen between my computers, that use one Firefox account? Or should I just manually export/import any time?
  • Very confusing UI.
  • I have a major and a minor complaint about this add-on.
    The major one is that I just lost my 250+ tabs, and have only been able to remember enough about them to get about 50 back. I used the hot key to save all tabs, deleted the save as I was going to add and remove a few tabs, only to find that the hot key CLOSES ALL OF THE TABS AS IT SAVES THEM. The fact that the tabs are going to be closed is NOT MENTIONED ANYWHERE IN THE INSTRUCTIONS. Why does it close them all?!?!
    The minor complaint is that if you save all the tabs from all of the windows and then load them, it loads them all into one window rather than opening a window for each set.
    It seems like it would be a useful extension except that it closed tabs without warning. I'm incredibly annoyed about that. For that alone I'd give it negative stars if possible.
  • As mentioned in other reviews, addon need more User Accessibility and features.
  • We can't manage tab because context menu "create folder" doesn't create a folder but URL ...
  • I would like to try this extension, it seems exactly what I need.

    But.. is it safe ?

    Why does it ask for permission to Download Files and Read and Modify history of downloads ?

    Thanks in advance for any reply.
  • Inconvenient as of now.

    Cancel/Add buttons position is inappropriate for Windows.
    The folder view does not refresh until switch tab.
    Need a repository for support and development.
  • This add-on has a lot of potential, and it's definitely getting better. Really love the level of detail that can be created. With that said, here's just a few suggestions for what I think would be improvements:

    - Provide an easier way, such as a button, to save all open tabs because I had trouble getting the shortcuts to work

    - On a related note, it would be nice to be able to save all open tabs, or even a single tab, to a folder the user selects rather than having it default to an automatically-created folder (the one with the date and time); this just creates a maintenance issue when I have to later clean up these auto folders

    - It also would be nice to have an option to not save pinned tabs when saving all open tabs

    - Opening multiple tabs doesn't work (asked me if I wanted to open the two tabs I selected, but it only
    opened the first one

    - Another useful feature would be a button to quickly remove entries (like OneTab uses), rather than the three-step process needed now. Even being able to press the delete key would be helpful.

    None of this is meant as criticisms, however, since I really do like tabzen. Keep up the good work.
  • updated 9/Nov 2017! Original review at bottom.

    It's clearly getting better. More options are added giving increased usefulness. UI is improving. Author is actively working on it. All promising, upped from 3 to 4!

    == 22/July 2017
    This is an alternative to TooManyTabs and OneTab. Esp. important since TMT is nearing end-of-life and as such a replacement is sorely needed.

    It works. It stores your tabs as part of a list which is exportable or importable. Good idea, makes it easy to stow away tabs for later.

    Bad thing is that its a minimalistic user interface. There is no ability to select multiple entries at a time, not the ability to automatically remove an entry if I open it. The UI needs work to make this truly attractive. For now it remains a useful but a unwieldy tool for people with too many browser tabs.
  • this add-on is a very good replacement for onetab. I like it won't delete the saved tab after I open it. It works more like a bookmark.
    Few suggestions:
    1. instead of a short cut, we need a button to save all tabs. I think you can put it on the end of tabzen's dropdown menu.

    2. similarly, a button to open tab manager in dropdown menu.

    3. a function of opening all saved tab in a folder

    4. the user interface of tab manger is functional, but not particularly aesthetically appealing (in comparison, I think Tobi is quite good in terms of its UI).
  • I would like an help for shortcuts in the options page and a button in the browser_action to save all tabs of windows
  • Installed on android. Does nothing at all on android! Clearly another add-on that is not compatible and is untested. Annoying! This site shouldn't even allow android Firefox to install addons when it isn't compatible and yet here we are, the site is an absolute mess and reflection of the piss poor state Mozilla is currently in. Pathetic.
  • Simple, but nicely-designed extension
  • Installed on Firefox Android. Don't see where to actually access the add-on. Keyboard shortcuts really don't help if you don't have your keyboard out all the time. Leaving this installed just in case updates make it easier to actually use the add-on.
  • gestor de abas bem completo e leve. Funciona também no Opera. É de longe o melhor que eu já testei. Recomendo!
  • Hi,

    First off, the add on is quite useful, especially to me as I have at any given time, more than about 200 tabs open in Firefox and around 50 or so open in Opera.

    Tabzen gives me the opportunity to sort and categorize the tabs - which is a very useful feature.

    I would however very strongly encourage the developer to add a "Tab Hunt" or "Tab Search" feature. While categorizing is great, searching for a particular tab is a task as I need to open all he folders that I have created and then try to find the tab that I need. Having a search bar would be great and I am sure it would add value to Tabzen.

    Look forward to the new addition in both Firefox and Opera.


    Thank you Roy for your support. Search will be added soon