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  • N'a plus aucun intérêt étant donné que Firefox inclut déjà cette fonctionnalité nativement...
  • MALA
  • can you add some sound to notifications?
  • there is no option menu as in the screenshots here.
    What could be the reason that barely settings are available.
  • Excellent design and very user friendly
  • las notificaciones no paran de saltar (y no muestra el texto en Hangout)
  • cool
  • Useful application. The only real thing keeping me from giving a full 5-stars is that I want the ability to NOT show notifications on pages that are currently active.

    For example, a mail website. The title bar might say "5 unread", but once I read one email, the title changes to "4 unread" at which point I get a notification on my desktop. I want the ability to either not show that via settings or as a permanent change.
    I fixed the issue in the version 3.1.1, sorry for the delay