164 reviews
  • It would be great if it had a sound alarm when change occurred.
  • Can be better, unfortunately..
  • When activated goes on error.
    Tested on the latest Firefox Developer
  • Ótimo app!!! Muito prático e direto ao ponto, funciona 100%
  • UI is wrong when I put icon on the menu.
    the version is 56.0.2
  • Sipp mamtap
  • Great
  • I try to setup refresh on one tab, but it only gets activated on a different tab in an *other* window! Needs some more work...
  • It is inconvenient because it is located at the top of the page each time it is updated.
    I want you to keep the scrolled position.
  • Please, add context RMB-menu - for pages and tabs, as alternative to the button-menu.

    p.s. Do you have a github page ? )
  • It literally doesn't do anything. I set a time interval and then it still just says "OFF".
  • простое и приятное дополнение. работает как надо!
  • Works, but the UI is pretty awkward.