175 reviews
  • Got bug.
  • Only works in the first window you open. For me, this is unusable, as I'll often open up a page in a new window on my second monitor and want them to refresh. This extension doesn't allow for that.
  • Haven't had any issues with this extension, best tab auto re-loader that I have found so far.

    I would love to see the remaining time before the next reload in the extension icon.
  • It is good and fast
  • No longer works. Can't even check the checkbox.
  • This app is so great!!
  • The extension is constantly refreshing and targeting the wrong tab. I will be on the specific tab that I want to autorefresh, enter an amount of seconds, and then it will proceed to refresh the wrong tab. Makes the add-on essentially useless.
  • Esta permenentemente en off. Como se activa? Asi no funciona tiene que haber un bug...
  • Работает только в первом окне браузера
  • Works good.
  • c'est bon l'invitation
  • works great! and easy on the eyes!
  • Just installed it to auto-refresh news stories to be kept up to date. Worked as intended.
  • only seems to recognize the active tab in one window, not the active tab in the active window. unfortunate, because it works fairly well otherwise. just really annoying to have to move tabs around when I want them in a particular window.
  • Brilliant!
    Improvement suggestion:
    Could you add an option to reset all Auto Refresh upon Firefox restart?
  • Es wäre klasse wenn diese Erweiterung änderung der Seite erkennt oder eine Änderung eines Markieren Textzeile im Code erkennt und via Benachrichtigungen mitteilt.
    Ich habe beispielsweise eine Anmeldungsseite für eine Reise, welche das Anmeldelink nur nach einem gewissen Zeitraum eines Datums ersichtlich macht. Es wäre klasse, wenn mich die Erweiterung benachrichtigt sobald ein bestimmter Text verschwindet/ersetzt wird.
  • Would be nice if you could reduce interval to below 1 sec, I play an MMORPG game where I have to refresh very quick to fight a robot & this is critical !
  • Works perfectly! Great job!
  • only works for one window