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  • I like this extension more than other similar ones. But I'm using Tab Reloader extension instead of this one right now because Tab Reloader has 1 very useful feature that is not available in Tab Auto Refresh. The feature is if the tab is active, it won't be reloaded / refreshed. Hopefully, the feature will be added soon.

    One good-to-have feature is to allow users to turn off auto refresh for the current tab just by clicking the extension icon like Tab Reloader does.
  • Does not work at all
  • No tutorial, no instructions, no menus. Uninstalled!
  • Doesn't work with multiple windows = useless for me
  • very good, i like
  • Current tab url is wrong and it isn't working. Probably the issue others mentioned with multiple FF windows open
  • Only works for the first window you open. Pointless for a dual window setup.
  • Pretty good. Simple and effective. But doesn't work well when the page has post data. It keeps asking to confirm re-sending the data.
  • Not working for me on OSX FFv60. :(
  • Got bug.
  • Only works in the first window you open. For me, this is unusable, as I'll often open up a page in a new window on my second monitor and want them to refresh. This extension doesn't allow for that.
  • Haven't had any issues with this extension, best tab auto re-loader that I have found so far.

    I would love to see the remaining time before the next reload in the extension icon.
  • It is good and fast
  • No longer works. Can't even check the checkbox.
  • This app is so great!!
  • The extension is constantly refreshing and targeting the wrong tab. I will be on the specific tab that I want to autorefresh, enter an amount of seconds, and then it will proceed to refresh the wrong tab. Makes the add-on essentially useless.
  • Esta permenentemente en off. Como se activa? Asi no funciona tiene que haber un bug...