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  • It's OK. It works and you can set a custom interval. However it will only refresh 1 tab, and you can't pick which one. It will just pick whichever tab is oldest. You also can't use it across separate windows simultaneously. If you want these features, I'd suggest 'Tab reloader' instead tbh
  • Not working works for only 1st window. not working in private window also the current url is wrong.
  • Our extension that I've been program before in google and syncronized in our company and that is very helpful because you can use them add and easy to program. Am I right! you know whats happening before and you cannot deny me, Thanks Great Love.
  • I like this extension more than other similar ones. But I'm using Tab Reloader extension instead of this one right now because Tab Reloader has 1 very useful feature that is not available in Tab Auto Refresh. The feature is if the tab is active, it won't be reloaded / refreshed. Hopefully, the feature will be added soon.

    One good-to-have feature is to allow users to turn off auto refresh for the current tab just by clicking the extension icon like Tab Reloader does.
  • Does not work at all
  • No tutorial, no instructions, no menus. Uninstalled!
  • Doesn't work with multiple windows = useless for me
  • very good, i like
  • Current tab url is wrong and it isn't working. Probably the issue others mentioned with multiple FF windows open
  • Only works for the first window you open. Pointless for a dual window setup.
  • Pretty good. Simple and effective. But doesn't work well when the page has post data. It keeps asking to confirm re-sending the data.
  • Not working for me on OSX FFv60. :(