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  • C x
  • Why not adding an option to keep the list of tabs to reload on restart ? And maybe sync between different computers ? Thank you.
  • Works great. Excellent extension.
  • Bagus
  • Sehr gut - macht was es soll. Tastenkombination für pausieren bzw. stoppen wäre allerdings toll
  • The extension works as advertised.

    The problem for me is that as soon as you click some link and the URL changes Tab Auto Refresh will turn off as it actually works per absolute URL and not per tab. There is no way to customised the URL and/or create some regex or wildcard for the URL like http://domain.com/path* or http://*.domain.com.

    This behavior is explained on the extension description but it's a pity the author doesn't address this shortcoming. I'm more than happy to give a 5-star rating if the author makes these changes.

    Tab Reloader extension (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-reloader) always reloads the tab whether the URL changes or not.
  • NICE
  • Really Amazine
  • nice
  • If you have two windows open it will always think the first window is the "active tab" when attempting to enable auto refresh.
  • Works perfect, great!
  • Good for people continuously working on sites.
  • Does not support multiple windows, always forces refresh on active tab on the first opened window. UI is cumbersome.
  • Задвчу выполняет. Мне нравится.