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  • good, like it alot, wish there was a back up for forgeting a password though.
  • This actually works pretty great. But there is a bug: If you add a ? to the settings or addons page url like about:addons? you get access. Please fix this!
    It would be great if it were possible to add URLs that are password protected and not just blocked.
  • The password does not work on the install addon
  • did not work at all!! tried everything, putting things like "jpeg" and "JPEG" and was still able to download everything!
  • Lubuntu 18.04. Doesn't save the settings. No button works. Doesn't work at all.
  • Très bon plugin sur le papier mais qui peut être contourné très facilement.
    Démarrer Firefox > Aide > Redémarrer avec les modules désactivés. Une fois que le navigateur est démarré avec le module désactivé on peut supprimer Public Fox des modules complémentaires installés.
  • Esta excelente, cumple la función de bloquear el acceso a las configuraciones, pero no del todo. Si me voy a la pestaña ayuda, hay una opción en la que me permite reiniciar firefox, pero sin complementos, esto inhabilita cualquier restricción que se le haya echo al navegador, quizas sea bueno bloquear de alguna forma esa opción. SALUDOS SIGAN TRABAJANDO ASI
  • I am so happy this is available now for the newest Firefox. It keeps my autistic adult son's Firefox well locked down, and prevents him from downloading installation files of Windows software for his Linux machine!
  • Block downloads don't work!!!
    Edit to 1 star or if their is 0 then it should be....
    No response from the developers.
  • A extensão mais útil de todas!!!!! sem ela meu cybercafé estaria desprotegido, obrigado ao desenvolvedor por atualizar e manter esta extensão, eu aprecio muito este trabalho !
  • the only downside is its preventing me to play my facebook videos...
  • Not worked correctly. For url "about:preferences" - access denined, for url "about:preferences?entrypoint=menupanel#sync" - welcome!
  • This extension can easily be deleted by going to ~/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/Profiles/PROFILE/extensions/ on mac, and deleting the extension. And if you are thinking about telling me to set it to read only, you can boot the computer in single-user mode and restart the setup process, to create and administrator account to delete the file.
  • I was waiting for this addon since long. the day Firefox was updated to new version the Public Fox was not working now after few months i got back this beautiful piece of app.