191 reviews for this add-on
  • Why do you need to force adbeaver? Do wish to reduce the users you are having on this addon?
    Do I really need to keep that good for nothing scam to use this?

  • We need to prevent access to the Mozilla Firefox browser settings . Please update...

  • How to prevent access to the Mozilla Firefox browser settings (about: config, about: addons, about: preferences. about: support) To ensure that users were able to not just run Mozilla Firefox in Safe Mode

  • in newer versions does not block access to settings

  • great for blocking addon removal

  • PLEASE, READ ALL ALL PRIVACY POLICIES, particularly in "featured" and/or security/privacy add-ons.

    I wonder how much Mozilla is getting paid for featuring this sham...

  • This is sneaky, nasty and puts HORRIBLE adware without any warning, permissions or anything else. Also to top off the insult it doesnt even work!!!


  • i need to block download in my internet cafe to avoid internet log. but it does not work

  • This was the reason why I installed it, and it won't work.
    Hope it will be fixed soon.

  • Working great, looks like the old URL n Extension Block add-on but working with the latest Firefox 43.0 and for that 10/10

  • Very few people (some have) have mentioned that this program no longer keeps people from accessing 'options' (that's huge and important). I'm on Windows 7 and all my students now mess with the options. PLEASE FIX.

  • hi, i need checked default for disabled options, can u add this fiture?
    plz make disabled check all item to be true for first installation???
    disable bookmark, disable about:config, disabled options, etc for first installation

  • There is a major bug in the linux installation, version (FF40) where the 'options' are known as 'preferences' and it's located on the edit menu and not on the tools menu. It is neither hidden nor locked when selected in the addon options.

  • I installed this addon a long time ago to prevent users from messing up Firefox, and it did an ok job.
    Then to my surprise I noticed a fishy addon called AdBeaver keeps popping up on my Firefox. Finally I discovered that Public Fox very sneakily keeps installing this adware! how ironic. avoid this useless addon like a plague.

    (to clarify, I never received any confirmation about installing the bundled adware.)

  • Public fox is no doubt the best add on available but after updating Firefox to 38.0.5, opening the bookmarks sidebar by Ctrl+B can be bypassed by closing the password window or by entering anything and hitting OK or CANCEL.Also earlier mentioned by user JND,opening the history sidebar by hitting Ctrl+H is no longer password-protected.Loose ends that needs to be fixed.

  • I use this add-on to add fine-tuned controls. However, it's lacking in a particular area. White-listing sites.
    I want to block all sites except for a few, but can't because there's no url white-list.

  • This was used in schools. With the new addition to ask to install AdBeaver all the time, Public Fox can no longer be used. We try to restrict access to porn in the schools not make it easier for them.

  • Reported abuse. Adbeaver porn just makes me sigh a googol times. Fuck off, remove the shit or just pack up your things and move up to a better life.

  • Good, but please add a timer to lock down firefox if i unlocked it, and add another option to lock firefox if firefox is restarted.

  • Explain how I just installed Firefox, free of add-ons, and ended up with this stupid add-on blocking my features. Can anyone explain this? I came here to uninstall the app only to realize it ISN'T installed. So, I ask you: how is it blocking me and asking for a password I don't know?

    If it were possible, I'd give this no stars.

  • Please.
    And get rid of the stoopid beaver thing!

  • As of Firefox update to 38.0.1, opening the history sidebar by hitting Ctrl+H is no longer password-protected.

  • Broken after updating to firefox 38.01
    I can access firefox options without a password even though lock options is selected in public fox.

  • FUCK ADBEAVER. I'm not returning 5-star unless you delete the adbeaver that is piece of shit with all of this porn.

  • I would like this add-on to be compatable with firefox for Android.