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  • Very useful!!
  • I often use websites with graphs and equations - these are generally but not always well rendered by this add-on and the ability to make images smaller on the printout is excellent. In that sense this is the "best of kind". My only gripe is that if I use the email facility to send my processed document, the resized images turn up full size! That's surely a bug (unless I have made a mistake). So only 4 stars until this is fixed.
  • EDIT (after developers comments):
    Thanks to the developers for their quick action. Indeed, you should download the extension from their website to have the same experience as in Chrome. The version on FF store sucks due to FF store limitations.
    Not only you can print and/or save a page as PDF, but also you can clean the page from unwanted sections like ads or side bars. Great extension! Thank you.
    The firefox store doesn't allow the extension to work without our website. To get the same experience as Chrome, install the FF extension directly from our website. https://www.printfriendly.com/extensions/firefox

    Please update your review because this is not something we can control.
  • This is a great tool; it makes it so easy to print items from the internet.
  • I use PF&PDF on both Chrome and Firefox and I love it! Makes nice, neat looking PDFs and it seems to agree with me on what should and shouldn't be included on the document way more often than not. I highly recommend this one!
  • Ottima
  • This add-on sends your page URI to a third-party server, which in turn retrieves it in hopes of getting the same output as you do in your browser. Obviously, any page that requires any sort of authentication will be broken. That is not to mention that you probably won't want your pages sent anywhere for a job which can perfectly be done locally. Probably works for some static public websites if you disregard privacy, useless for anything else. Use a local adblocker to block ads and remove clutter.
  • Great button to have in browser. Its best function are the options to re-size text and images.

    Occasionaly, parts of a website's text are missing in the generated PDF, but this add-on generally creates well laid out documents, even lower in size that other print options.

    Support for an issue was prompt and personalised. Good work!
  • I LOVE it! I use it frequently. I consider it the best of all the add-on's for saving a web page. I attempted to install about 20 such add-ons before I found this one that didn't ask for all manner of INVASIVE and potentially harmful permissions. Highly recommended.
  • Did not handle the responsive page I was trying to print well, showed all info from multiple display setups in one page. Probably hard to get to work for something like that, but that is what I needed. :(
  • Very well ! Big up
  • I'm really happy with this addon. I've made a lot of good use for it. It's great to have this, because the print-to-pdf function on my Mac really doesn't result in very good .pdfs. The text is all over, there are elements I don't want wasting space. I love being able to get rid of elements I don't want with this addon. It really helps to make the .pdf more reader-friendly. I had an issue with one of the addons I downloaded from this developer, but the other worked just fine. I'm not sure which was which. There was one that worked solely as an addon and another which worked through the website. I'm pretty sure that the one that worked through the website was the better one. The other I disabled because it kept generating and generating and wouldn't actually come up with a window to select elements and save to .pdf, half the time. The other version worked just fine every time I used it. I think ver. 1.3 was the one which gave me issues and ver. 2.1.0 was the good one. Either way, the one that works is great. Keep it up! This is a great addon to have when doing research! :)
  • A highly recommended extension for Firefox! I definitely urge everyone to try it out. Simple to use. Easy to edit. Thanks to the dev!
  • I was looking at multiple plugins and none of them served my purpose. I logged into an account and trying to capture the entire screen where I cannot save the page ass PDF. This is the perfect working plugin I can find and so much thank you for developing this
  • I wasted an hour trying to find a good way to save pages as PDFs which were a) readable and b) had clickable links. I wish I'd found this earlier! I installed it directly from the website and it's perfect. Great job, and thanks team.