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  • When you first see this, you have a small hope that it wouldn't be biased. But of course this is just another piece of the existing media machine to give legitimacy to the news websites who do as they are told and report events from the perspective of the Established Narrative. Those who report from a different perspective, who objectively speaking are no better or worse, get lower ratings.

    At the end of the day, what is "fake news" and what isn't, is entirely dependent on the reader. NewsGuard will tell you if a website is pushing fake news...but only if your political views are aligned with the established narrative. As such it merely acts as a source of authority for such people to call their opposition and their news sources "fake news" rather than actually telling anyone which sites propagate "fake news" from any objective standpoint.

    I recommend avoiding this addon if you can think critically already. You don't need a biased source to tell you what is fake or not, your own opinion will suffice. Make up your own mind.
  • It's the best in news technology because it helps fight for the people against misinformation.
  • NewsGuard is all about censoring free speech and silencing narratives that contradict the status quo (governments, intelligence communities and corporations) - do you homework before installing this garbage
  • More neocon lies from the likes of Steve Brill, veteran centrist journalist and author, his co-CEO Gordon Crovitz is a former Wall Street Journal columnist. After Brill, its second-biggest investor, along with his father, is Nick Penniman, the liberal publisher, and the third-biggest is Publicis Group, a multinational advertising agency.

    Meanwhile, its advisory board includes Tom Ridge, the first-ever Homeland Security chief, and developer of another famous color-coded system, the terror alert, and Michael Hayden, the CIA director, also under George W. Bush. There are also several Obama and Clinton-era figures.
  • Das ist eigentlich eine Willkürliche Zensur meiner Nachrichtenquellen. Die Stasi hätte sich das sehr gewünscht.
  • NewsGuard: Dubiose US-Firma spielt Medienwächter:

  • NewsGuard selbst ist der größte Fake!!!
  • Daily Mail and German "Bildzeitung" green?
    Thank you, do not need that
  • Dieses Add-on ist ein transatlantischer Witz (oder besser Propaganda). Siehe dazu, wer das Ding finanziert und wer im Beirat sitzt. Bild und Co. sind vertraunswürdige Nachrichtenseiten. Das sagt alles über dieses Add-On.
    This add-on is a transatlantic joke (or better propaganda). See who finances the thing and who sits on the board. Bild and Co. are trustworthy news sites. That says it all about this add-on.
  • Ein Add On von hochrangingen Nato-Mitarbeitern möchte mir erzählen, was glaubwürdige und seriöse Medien sind? Seltsamerweise wird jedes Medium, welches Nato/USA-Kritisch berichtet mit fragwürdigen Argumenten als nicht seriös abgestempelt. Propaganda und Gehirnwäsche vom feinsten! Mögliche Alternative für Interessenten könnte das Add On "WOT (web of trust)" sein.
  • Ein Plugin von einer Organisation deren Führungspersonal sich aus NSA und CIA Mitarbeiter.
    Diese Typen sollen Glaubwürdigkeit bieten? Echt jetzt?
  • Für mich ist das Propaganda Add On für Firefox, schlechter kann man es nicht machen!!!