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  • çok başarili bir eklenti teşekkürler.
  • The extension is pretty handy and has helped me even with static UI images. It would be helpful to be able to resize the dimensions after the mouse drops though.
  • Funciona perfectamente. Ideal para desarrollo web.
  • ddddddddddd ddd
  • nice one
  • çalışmıyor !
    Hey, sorry to hear that, is this not working for you on every site or just addons.mozilla.org. As mentioned it will not work on addons.mozilla.org but every other website.
  • Simple et fonctionnel, merci
    Bienvenue, hope that's correct translation for 'welcome'.
  • Dont work in responsive mode. Not draggable.
  • Удобно, минималистично.
    Не хватает только прилипаниям к краям того или иного элемента при выделении. Или выделения при наведения, как у Файрбага.
  • good, thanks!
  • Great and simple Tool for Web Developers. I need it often to perfectly size Frontend Elements of my web pages. Thanks for this.
  • useful and work good
  • OK!
  • I used this handy extension quite a bit years ago and reinstalled today. I still love it.
  • Tut was es soll.
  • Simple and useful extension, but it is not enough drawing functions area by clicking on the page element. Stretch accurately is difficult, and requires more time than a click.
  • Doesn't work. Installed, granted permissions, clicking the icon in the toolbar does nothing.

    EDIT: read other reviews, realised I was doing the same thing, tried it in another tab, works as expected.
    Thanks a lot for taking a step farther :) , I am still struggling to get this enabled on addons.mozilla.org (ironically)
  • All good, but I recommend you increase z-index. Some blocks (for example with z-index: 9999) located higher your add-on
    Yes you are right, I was being optimistic with z-index. But now I need to change that :)
  • Its good but need improvements.
  • Hi & thanxx,

    for trying to make measure-it great again!
    but for now ... it does nothing more or better than the already built in tool in the developer panel ?!

    If you could make it:
    > drag-able
    > resize-able
    > maybe guides

    You will find a lot of fans ... inclunding myself!

    cheers and keep it on!
    Thanks for input,
    And yes, I am on it, trying to make it draggable (not resizable yet but in pipeline).
  • I installed it, click on the button on bar but nothing happened...

    edit: ehm.. I'm so embarrassed, sorry! Now it work!
    Hi there,
    You may have tried this addon on addons.mozilla.org itself.
    Please try this addon on other websites. And feel free to raise issues at http://github.com/tsl143/jsDemos/