66 reviews
  • Es bonita y funciona muy bien. Tiene un uso residual pero para el frontal de las webs es necesaria muchas veces.
  • Lacks the ability to fine-tune the measurement, either with mouse, or by keyboard (control-key+arrows).
    This makes for very limited usability
  • great ext
  • It´s a great tool, keep rock on!!!! Slutes from Barranquilla Colombia :D
  • Not working on a lots of site (mainly wordpress site).
    Lots of bugs, including select elements on page when using it.
    Page with top padding brake the plugin.
    Bug with high dpi screen on windows, eg 4k rez with windows upscalling to 275%.
    Thanks for your inputs, can you please give any example so as to improve this addon?
  • what is the keyboard shortcut for it?How to activate it with keypress?
  • Does just what it says - no other plugin does this.
  • çok başarili bir eklenti teşekkürler.
  • The extension is pretty handy and has helped me even with static UI images. It would be helpful to be able to resize the dimensions after the mouse drops though.
  • Funciona perfectamente. Ideal para desarrollo web.
  • ddddddddddd ddd
  • nice one
  • çalışmıyor !
    Hey, sorry to hear that, is this not working for you on every site or just addons.mozilla.org. As mentioned it will not work on addons.mozilla.org but every other website.
  • Simple et fonctionnel, merci
    Bienvenue, hope that's correct translation for 'welcome'.
  • Dont work in responsive mode. Not draggable.
  • Удобно, минималистично.
    Не хватает только прилипаниям к краям того или иного элемента при выделении. Или выделения при наведения, как у Файрбага.
  • good, thanks!