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  • It does what is says - measure pixels hassle free :)
  • Why does a ruler need to "Access your data for all websites"?

    I didn't install it so I just gave it a 2 to be fair but wanted to add this as a warning to other users.

    UPDATE: Thanks for the reply and thanks for modifying the plugin to address the issue. I've changed my rating but I'll leave the initial review above so others can have context for your reply and also see how quickly your addressed the issue.
    Hi there,
    This addon uses content-script API from webextensions API suite, which requires the aforesaid permissions. And this doesnt send or store any of your data, here is the code for this addon

    I actually second your thought and even I find that permission intimidating, I have mailed Firefox team for same, hopefully we get a better solution.
    Thanks again for input :)

    updated addon with different approach and without requiring website-data permissions :)
  • Sort of basic but it does what it's supposed to.