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  • Great and simple Tool for Web Developers. I need it often to perfectly size Frontend Elements of my web pages. Thanks for this.
  • useful and work good
  • OK!
  • I used this handy extension quite a bit years ago and reinstalled today. I still love it.
  • Tut was es soll.
  • Simple and useful extension, but it is not enough drawing functions area by clicking on the page element. Stretch accurately is difficult, and requires more time than a click.
  • Doesn't work. Installed, granted permissions, clicking the icon in the toolbar does nothing.

    EDIT: read other reviews, realised I was doing the same thing, tried it in another tab, works as expected.
    Thanks a lot for taking a step farther :) , I am still struggling to get this enabled on addons.mozilla.org (ironically)
  • All good, but I recommend you increase z-index. Some blocks (for example with z-index: 9999) located higher your add-on
    Yes you are right, I was being optimistic with z-index. But now I need to change that :)
  • Its good but need improvements.
  • Hi & thanxx,

    for trying to make measure-it great again!
    but for now ... it does nothing more or better than the already built in tool in the developer panel ?!

    If you could make it:
    > drag-able
    > resize-able
    > maybe guides

    You will find a lot of fans ... inclunding myself!

    cheers and keep it on!
    Thanks for input,
    And yes, I am on it, trying to make it draggable (not resizable yet but in pipeline).
  • I installed it, click on the button on bar but nothing happened...

    edit: ehm.. I'm so embarrassed, sorry! Now it work!
    Hi there,
    You may have tried this addon on addons.mozilla.org itself.
    Please try this addon on other websites. And feel free to raise issues at http://github.com/tsl143/jsDemos/
  • I was using another Measure It addon. I guess the most people did that. Well we all know the world that we are going to be forced in with the new webextensions.

    Old addon that I had:
    - NOT compatible with webextension
    - Buggy (pages load slow in youtube)
    - Required restart of Firefox after installing addon

    This Measure It addon:
    - Compatible with webextensions
    - NOT buggy
    - No restart required of Firefox after installing addon.

    All in all, just grab this addon if you want to measure. And YES you can hit the ESC key and the measurement window goes away! That is a MUST.

    Thank you developer for making it. Please keep it up to date forever.

    1. It does not work on addons.mozilla.org
    2. Is it possible that we give it a color ourself? It is yellow right now. Would be nice if we had the option to have a:

    background color and opacity
    ruler color and opacity
  • I downloaded this new version, compatible with FF57, but the icon that appears in the toolbar is GI-NORMOUS. I loved the old version and suspect I'll love this one. But please fix it, or give me some idea of what I may be doing wrong (if that's the case). (I'm using FF56 with Mac OS 10.11.6.)
    I am not sure if I understood the request. All this addon do is, when you click toolbar button this create an overlay on screen and lets you to drag and select and area which gets the size of selected area in pixels.
  • It does what is says - measure pixels hassle free :)
  • Why does a ruler need to "Access your data for all websites"?

    I didn't install it so I just gave it a 2 to be fair but wanted to add this as a warning to other users.

    UPDATE: Thanks for the reply and thanks for modifying the plugin to address the issue. I've changed my rating but I'll leave the initial review above so others can have context for your reply and also see how quickly your addressed the issue.
    Hi there,
    This addon uses content-script API from webextensions API suite, which requires the aforesaid permissions. And this doesnt send or store any of your data, here is the code for this addon

    I actually second your thought and even I find that permission intimidating, I have mailed Firefox team for same, hopefully we get a better solution.
    Thanks again for input :)

    updated addon with different approach and without requiring website-data permissions :)
  • Sort of basic but it does what it's supposed to.