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  • My only complaint about this addon is that it's too legible.
  • works just as advertised
  • This extension really slows down Firefox. I had to uninstall it.
  • I absolutely love that the tweets look like they sound !
  • Very clever add-on. My only issue is that it's hard to read in Night mode. If there was a way to switch to a higher contrast color in night mode that would be awesome.
  • Unfortunately while I love the premise of this add-on, I've found it interferes with too many websites in making things just not work. For instance, with this addon enabled, you can't see the buy buttons for You've Got Crabs.
  • как пользоваться
  • I enjoy it but I wish it was more legible. 'v' and 'r' are almost indistinguishable from each other until a side-by-side comparison. The 'b''s don't quite look right either. If the developer could add alternative font options or fix those 3 letters so I can still read the tweets this add-on would be perfect.