63 reviews
  • A GREAT add-on/extension! Why did it take so long to create this? Five Golden Stars to the developer of this add-on!
  • It does what it says.
    I wish the author created something like this for other popular people twitter accounts, like adding a le merchant picture under each hillary's tweet idk.
    Any ideas, author?
  • i like this idea
    oh everybody hate trump
  • This is a nice idea :D
  • This is the best add on of all add ons because I say so and we all know I'm the most intelligent, best looking, most popular person on the planet with the highest IQ and women all want me because I say so.
  • Get this

    this is awesome!!! also the font is cool too and I kinda took it for personal use.
  • The font is unreadable. I don't like it. But nice try.
  • Fake news @DailyShow (bad ratings!) hacked into my computer and changed my tweets? NOT funny! BTW that's not even my handwriting, I have the best handwriting, everybody says so. Black Stewart must apologize!

    But seriously thank you Daily Show staff for thinking of us Firefox users! Can I suggest you also change his profile pic to a random funny picture of him?
  • Perfect. ;)
  • I'm mexican and I always was afraid when I had to read Trump's tweets. But now, with this Add-on, his threats to Mexico and the world are cute and quite funny, just as an 8 year old boy writings. Thanks a lot!
  • That is funny!
  • Adding the crayon scribble look to Trumps childish twitter-tantrums not only works, but works well. You can't help but see him as a raving manchild who is upset when he can't get his own way.