60 reviews
  • It turns Donald Trumps tweets into its rightful state
  • Outstanding!
  • Cada vez me convenzo mas de que trump en un niño mal criado.Extencion genial.
  • This is already a great add-on, and it has never been more appropriate then when Trump wrote that nuclear tweet. Best add-on I've ever installed
  • jajaja very funny
  • I love the Trump d*ck-riders on here complaining. Talk about "snowflakes" and "thin-skinned"... They also appear to be the reviewers with a poor comprehension of basic grammar and spelling. Anyway, thanks for the addon!
  • Now I truly understand what the president is saying. Plus using this extension has made my hands bigger. This is the greatest add-on of all time folks. everyone is talking about it.
  • This is how it should be, and thanks to this is addon, it is now a reality. Amen.
  • Funny & ever so appropriate!
  • This add-on is the reason why Al Gore invented the Internet.
  • Excellent, just need vp, children, and cabinet to have same font, that would even be more awesome.
  • Now it's possible to read trump's tweets as they actually should be written
  • No bugs, does what it says on the tin. It helps you see Trump's tweets as if they were written on a higher mental level than his actual one. Also functions on embedded tweets.
  • This addon is very good at showing the mental level of the text it presents.
  • L'ho sempre detto che Trump ha la mentalità di un bimbominkia.
  • A GREAT add-on/extension! Why did it take so long to create this? Five Golden Stars to the developer of this add-on!
  • It does what it says.
    I wish the author created something like this for other popular people twitter accounts, like adding a le merchant picture under each hillary's tweet idk.
    Any ideas, author?
  • i like this idea
    oh everybody hate trump