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  • This add on is great! Wouls highly recommend.
  • Très bien conçu, simple d'utilisation, sûr et efficace. Excellent gestionnaire de mot de passe.
  • Juste génial !
  • Très bonne idée de logiciel !
    Les auteurs voudront peut-être voir la discussion à son propos sur linuxfr.org : https://linuxfr.org/users/kwiknclean/journaux/coffre-numerique#comment-1723893
  • Great Add-on, Just what I was in search and wanted from a password manager!
  • Gghhjkk
  • much needed help, thank you.
  • LessPass is really awesome, I can recommend it for everyone. It's a very good compromise with security and simplicity.

    I have troubles with passwords since I use Internet:

    - in the first hand, my brain stucks to remember several secure passwords;
    - in the second hand, I wanted to get all of them offline, every where every time, so traditional pw manager was not suitable for me.

    LessPass is exactly what I needed and I can finally sleep well now. :)

    Thank you so much. <3
  • Looking for a cloudless approach will definitely try this
  • Really good password manager. Exactly what I wanted.