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  • much needed help, thank you.
  • LessPass is really awesome, I can recommend it for everyone. It's a very good compromise with security and simplicity.

    I have troubles with passwords since I use Internet:

    - in the first hand, my brain stucks to remember several secure passwords;
    - in the second hand, I wanted to get all of them offline, every where every time, so traditional pw manager was not suitable for me.

    LessPass is exactly what I needed and I can finally sleep well now. :)

    Thank you so much. <3
  • Looking for a cloudless approach will definitely try this
  • Really good password manager. Exactly what I wanted.
  • never wanted to signup to a password manager. I really like the idea of this addon. thanks
  • Great Add-on, this Add-on will help me a lot!
  • excellent addons!
  • Will this be an extension that receives "long term support" or, like so many others, will it become crippled over time after its author moves on to chasing prettier butterflies? This is an extension that is mission critical: once you begin using it, it's a dependency you will find extremely difficult to terminate. While the author seems principled, he's also young; life is unpredictable and young men tend to be quite ambitious while at the same time often lacking in focus or direction. Will those who become utterly dependent upon this extension be able to depend upon its continued viability five or more years from now, on all relevant platforms? I worry now: currently my browser is held back repeating the class of 2015 because the majority of the extensions that I have depended upon are no longer being maintained and are now "incompatible with multiprocess" in Firefox 54. Having a password extension become incompatible in the future from lack of maintenance would be an order of magnitude more intolerable.

    Addendum: I thank the author for taking the time to answer my concerns in some detail. Even software being open source is no guarantee of long term success: instead of being a contest for profit, it becomes a contest for popularity that determines which projects maintain interest of developers. Let's hope that this project gains in popularity and maintains it.
    Hello Mark Craig,

    I'm the creator of LessPass.

    I use the application every day. So I'm evolving the code to fix all the problems and make the improvements that the community requires. I'm not that young, I'm over 30 :)
    Yes nobody knows what the future is. But LessPass has many years ahead of him. I have not planned to stop using it, nor to develop on it. Edouard team member and I are working to make the community grow, to make the product last in time.

    Normally LessPass use last webextension API so it will works with Firefox 54. Feel free to add an issue on Github if you encounter some errors.

    Thank you for raising your concerns
  • The only problem here is that once you want to change your master key, all your keys relatived to that master key will change too, and it's a lot of work to change passwords for tens or hundreds of websites. So you should carefully choose your master key at the beginning, make it strong enough and prevent it from being compromised.
  • Extremely simple and really a solution.
  • Just what I wanted from a password manager!
  • C'est vachement cool, mais l'extension est-elle utilisable sur Firefox Android ? Je l'ai installée, mais impossible de la retrouver dans l'appli :/
  • Very useful ! I've been looking for this kind of password manager for years.
  • J'utilise lesspass au quotidien depuis plusieurs mois. C'est le gestionnaire de mot de passe idéal, car il n'y a pas de stockage de mes informations, et donc pas besoin de faire confiance à un tiers.
    Merci pour ce module !