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  • Really great work you guys are doing with Lesspass, I think its the ideal solution to password managing. Digging in to the code now to learn and hopefully try to contribute soon. Thank you for creating this project!
  • Very good idea and extension!
    Would love some more options with respect to the UX, I am pretty sure I will be able to put 5 stars in a near future.
  • very useful. thanks
  • Sweet Jesus
  • Cette application est très bien, mais impossible d'utiliser l'extension de Firefox. Quand je clique sur le champ Mot de passe fort, la fenêtre se ferme, ce qui n'est pas le cas sur l'extension sous Chrome.
    Une correction de ce bug et ce sera parfait !

    Firefox Quantum 62.0 - OS Ubuntu 18.04
  • 在我的android上非常好用(flyme6.3 on meizu pro5)
  • I've been using it a while. With the extension I don't have to write url name anymore which saves a bit of time. A great tool, devs.