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  • Absolutly great addon to use !
  • Hands down the best cookie manager I've used. Sure, there are other such add-ons that are easier to use, but Forget Me Not has all the features, tools, and options you could need.
  • cant use mouse for clicking on loading websites, even already loaded. disabled it and web works. It uses a lot of CPU power because of all action it records and controls. a bit to much -using *another program* and web works. Idea for program is good but it must be more optimized (mem leak and algo)
  • this verigood
  • Doesn't always work. I've actually been using this addon from nearly its beginning. I've advocated for it online. However I've noticed that recently it will not get rid of some cookies. Reddit cookies in particular like to stick around, and I do not have reddit whitelisted. I'm not a developer and so I cannot fathom why it's keeping these cookies when it's supposed to remove them. It keeps them even after browser restarts. Also the extension's menu doesn't fit in its little box and so you have to scroll to read it. It's time to try a different addon.
  • This is a great add-on for Firefox. Takes complete control of the cookies. Good job, dev.

    I have a question regarding Multi-Account Containers: I was trying to isolate all of my google activity in my Google Containers. I'd like to leave my google cookies untouched (in the container) so I don't have to log-in over and over in gmail. But, outside the containers and in my default/general activity tabs, I'd like the google cookies gone. Should I set *.google.com as whitelisted or not?
  • Bisher 5 Sterne. Alles weitere wird die Verwendung zeigen.
    Es wurde wirklich vieles bedacht! Sehr gute Oberfläche und Personalisierungsmöglichkeiten!
    Scheint genau das zu sein, wonach ich suche.
    Werden bei der Exportfunktion bei einem Systemwechsel oder einer Übertragung auf ein anderes System eigene Regeln mit exportiert?
    Danke für das Addon!

    Edit: the autodelite function lets soundcloud played music bump. but might just be my slow maschine.
    Vielen Dank. Freut mich, dass es gefällt.
    Beim Export werden alle Einstellungen und Regeln exportiert.

    Geschieht der Soundcloud Bump genau dann wann ein cleanup geschieht? Probier mal, ob es ggf. an der Notification liegt.. also schalte die Notification ab und guck, ob es weiterhin auftritt.
  • This is how cookie management should be done. I now have really meaningful control over which cookies etc. are allowed and which aren't.
    Highly recommended.
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