130 reviews
  • Can you add the ability to delete cookies based on containers?
  • Excellent cookie manager w excellent support. Can not ask for anything more.
  • this extension is very helpful. thank you!
  • Obrigado, Lusito.
  • Easier Browsing!
  • Very funny extension name! Haven't tried the extension tho
  • Absolutly great addon to use !
  • Hands down the best cookie manager I've used. Sure, there are other such add-ons that are easier to use, but Forget Me Not has all the features, tools, and options you could need.
  • cant use mouse for clicking on loading websites, even already loaded. disabled it and web works. It uses a lot of CPU power because of all action it records and controls. a bit to much -using *another program* and web works. Idea for program is good but it must be more optimized (mem leak and algo)