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  • Looks nice but the blue flower disappears and it doesnt seem to work (its not in the customize menu)
    What Firefox Version are you using? Is the add-on listed in your add-ons list (see firefox menu -> add-ons).
  • Doesnt work in private browsing
    That is (currently) on purpose. What would be your use-case to have it working in private mode?
  • hi is this not working in private browsing?
  • Does not clear Service Workers on domain change; did not remove localstorage, nor all third party cookies on domain change in my testing.

    COME ON FIREFOX, please improve your APIS to allow us to inject, modify, and remove all forms of storage!
    Clearing service workers is sadly not possible on domain change. That is a limitation in the Web-Extension interface. Beware of the term localstorage. Firefox shows items as "storage" in the settings even if they are "indexeddb" for example. What third-party cookie setting have you used? Try visiting http://github.com/lusito/forget-me-not for better support about issues.
  • Hi!

    Can you enable this to make it work?

    I have tried to installed it multiple times only to see either the flower being grey and not working, or it just installs and disappears. No other extensions behave like that.
    Hi, sorry about your bad experience. Flower being gray means, that you are using a private window. If the icon is not showing, maybe it got hidden in the overflow menu (the arrows). Try selecting "customize" from the firefox menu.
  • This Add on Has been Very good. I've been keeping track of it since installation and I really like the features it has along withe the layout of all the options within the extension.

    I've found it very versatile and easy to use. I was using Cookies Autodelete but heard of thsi extension and thought to give it a try (I mean why not) I think this extension is a lot better in designed and the functions it has available. I personally feel I have more control with this addon. Keep up the great work on this addon.
  • Requires container tabs now? Oh well, on to the next one. Container tabs are FAR too buggy.

    Enabling this addon *forces* container apps enabled.
    It doesn't require container tabs. It just needs the permission in case you use container tabs so that it can perform the cleanup properly. If you don't use container tabs, Forget Me Not will not use them either.
  • Seems like a very good addon for what it can do, but I found the interface to be a little overwhelming. I needed something simpler.
  • Sip