140 reviews
  • Awesome addon! Thanks
  • just beginnning
    Could you help me improve the add-on by telling me what you are missing or what's not working as expected? Thanks :)
  • Most underrated plugin. I've switched from CookieAutoDelete since this plugin does more and has a more intuitive interface.
  • I love this addon and it works great! Love the ability to delete local storage and indexedDB.

    I am using the beta version and am very happy to see that you added a new blacklist option. What I would really like is the ability to default blacklist all cookies and then allow only the ones I want. If i do a rule like www.*.* it blocks all cookies but any rule added after that is not honored and is blocked. This feature would make this addon just about perfect.

    Thanks for all the hard work!
  • Excelent. Thank you for this addon.This addon made me update to FF 57. (It could be an improvement if web addresses were editable).
  • Excellent addon. Having tried 2 or 3 other cookie-cleaning webextensions, this one is definitely the one to use. Today's update shows it is moving in the right direction. Great work. Thank you.
  • Very useful extension - the support for removing LocalStorage DBs from non-listed sites makes this extension stand out. My thanks to the author for fixing a bug in a really timely manner.
  • Great Addon!